What Kind of Paint Should I Use?!

I'm making a Peter Pan painting and it has him and Wendy and the brothers flying over Big Ben and going to the star that is Neverland. I want to make them as silhouettes and make the background a watercolor possibly, although I'm not sure. I have the whole sketch drawn on the canvas, I just don't know what kind of paint to use to make the painting have depth and popping out.  Please Help! Thanks:)

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The best paint to use on canvas Acrylic paint .Its a paint that is flexible after the painting is dry. It cleans up with water and is easier and less toxic to use. Start with five or so paint brushes of various sizes, a palette of red, blue, yellow, white and black.

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Latex paints are water based paints. They contain water and acrylic polymer which makes them smooth for easy application. Oil based paints contain oil, thinner and pigments, and they are not water based. As such there is no distinguishing feature between latex and water based paints. Water based ...

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Experts advise after seeing your wall type.

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