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Pain Medication in Jamaica

What is available for pain relief 'over the counter' in Jamaica?

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Ibuprofen tablets 200 mg and 400 mg when the patient does not have liver problem


i am outside travel agent and have been to Jamaica many times.  I can tell you that in the montego bay, and ocho rios areas in the resorts they sell your basic pain rememdies.  If you are referring to excedrine, tylenol, aspirin etc. they do sell all of them...You should pack any and all medications whether it be over the counter or perscriptions in your carry on.  NEVER put it in your suitcase.  You should also have a leisure change of clothes, bathing suit and sandals in your carry on as well.  If you could e-mail me with the property you are going to I can help you with any other questions or give you ideas on many other options.  e-mail me at resin8ball@aol.com

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