I am looking for a new pain management doctor ...

I am looking for a new pain management doctor, does anyone know any. My doctor is no longer seeing patients other than Psychiatry. My family doctor is filling my meds until I find one. With all the publicity now that perscription drugs are the number one street drugs, law makers are trying to make tougher laws. This has made most of the legitimate doctors stop doing pain management because they don't want the hassle or liability. This is making it hard on the people who need medications for  long term chronic pain that will never go away. People that no longer have other options at this time. There's some of us that have tried everything and still have pain. I wish they would think about us also. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Greetings Becky:  Your question is a bit confusing.  The Doctor filling your "prescription" medications should have a list of Pain Management Doctors he/she could refer you to?  I would assume you would find a list in the yellow pages as well?  I've not been to one, but I wouldn't imagine they are difficult to find?

You didn't mention the "chronic" pain you suffer from and feel a need for narcotics to manage, however, the best thing you could do is to write your Senate/Congress to explain your patient concerns?

I would be in agreement that a Physician shouldn't have fear in prescribing any legitimate medications in a physician/patient relationship.  Those who abuse or utilize illegally on the streets shouldn't impact those having a legitimate need.  Although, if your Doctor felt your need was legitimate, he/she probably wouldn't be referring you from their office to a pain specialist, again confusing as I don't think hassle or liability would be an issue for patients with a definitive need?   

Interesting question and I am confused why lawmakers would involve themselves in Doctor/Patient relationships.

Best of luck to you!

Arrivederci, TWM 

thanks for getting back with me. Yes, it's chronic and ongoing. I've been told there is nothing they can do for me, at least until science/technology has caught up. I had a doctor and he did give me some names. However, most of them were in a different city (about 125 miles away). I wanted someone closer. I did see one doctor in the area who's idea of pain management is psyciatric pain mnt. I have no disc in some areas so it's bone against bone. It's fused all the way down, so I cannot bend at my waist, I bend at the pelvic area. Biomachanics of your body have been compromised for over 30 yrs. therefore causing compensation and bread down of the bone graphs. Psychiatric pain mnt. is not going to do anything. Pain is 24/7, even with the meds. I still do everything I can. I'm a single mom living on social security disability. Medicare does not pay for what helps me the most,  and I cannot afford it. (full body deep tissue massage). Until technology catches up, there's little I can do. I'm always looking for more treatments or ideas... anyone with any type of chronic pain will tell you the same thing.

Hello, You have not mentioned which state you live in, that is if you are in the United States. Each state is very different and most rural areas have no "Pain Management" physicians. Some physicians are self-proclaimed pain management physicians but they can get you into a world of trouble with your health.

I have been in chronic pain for about 11 years and my illnesses have been putting me in more pain. I live in a rural area of MD, and I had searched for a true Pain Management physician, the whole time that I've been ill. My GP had been prescribing my pain medications, and I thought that he was also looking out for my health and trying to get a diagnosis for me. I was wrong. Every time I consulted with my GP or his partner for a new symptom, I was put on higher pain medications or more pain medications. Now when I try to get a specialist, surgery, any physician to help me, they turn me away because in their eyes, I am a liability to them if I die from the so-called "high" dosage of 2 long-acting medications and a breakthrough medication. I need many surgeries, and many diagnosis for symptoms to save my life but I've been turned away by the Chief Surgeon at the only hospital in the county of MD that I live in. The ER has stated that they are not equipped to help me either. Physicians do not get paid enough to take the risk of getting busted by the DEA, or having a patient die on them because they do not know how much to prescribe or if the pain medicine they prescribe will interact with the patients other medications or medical problems, hence, they do not care and they do not bother being that doctor that can change a persons life.

Reason I am telling you this is because the medical system is a racket. There are over 80 million Americans suffering in chronic pain and most have no relief because the DEA tells physicians that it is OK to prescribe scheduled pain medications then they come down on the prescribing physician as soon as 1 junkie or dealer slips through the physicians doors. This is one reason why there are not many real Pain Management physicians available. Also, they do not get compensated for all of the grief that they have to go through. Also the pateints that are prescribed pain medications by physicians who do not know how the pain medication works, can be setting themselves up for a deadly situation. Most true Pain Management physicians do not even know how pain medications work on the body. Here is a fact: Oxycontin,(Oxycodone w/o tylenol) has NO ceiling effect, period. Demerol and Methadone on the other hand, can kill you because they will build up in your system and you will become toxic. Enough of that. You need a Pain Management physician.

If I knew where you live, what you are taking in what amounts or want to take, and for what purpose, I may be able to help you. I found a good Pain Management doctor, two actually, that do their jobs correctly. Their job is Pain Management and that is all that they do. They know all of the street statistics, they know people have to purchase pain medications off of the streets because the theives, junkies, and dealers steal pain medications from the homes of the chronically ill. One of the PM physicians that I know states that he knows people "have to" do this and he doesn't see it as a crime because we are the victims. He just worries that someone will purchase something that will kill them. He knows the facts and he knows it is a tragedy also. When I speak with him it seems as if he feels defeated and I am afraid that I will lose him because he is going to give up. He does background checks on any person that makes an appt with him. He doesn't do pill counts because people can refill their prescriptions with pills they purchase off of the street. The DEA is always down his throat but as soon as this doctor spots a junkie or dealer coming to him to obtain pain medications, he calls the DEA and he states that they do nothing. They do not care. The DEA is more worried about busting the few pain management physicians that are available and are truly trying to help people.

I had an idea and proposed it to my local representative and my congressman. I believe that there should be a tax on actors, atheletes,etc. that make millions of dollars making movies or for playing one ball game. (ex). A special tax for these famous people that claim they want to help suffering people. Instead of helping Americans they go to other countries and help by physically carrying bags of rice or just show their faces as celebrities and state that help is coming.

I say tax them a certain percentage of the $$ they make, (which they will never miss because they are already too rich), and offer physicians much more money if they are willing to learn about pain medications by taking more classes than originally taken when they were in med school. Once they have passed a test that shows they know all of the different medications, how they interact with the mind and body, and they are certified Pain Management physicians, they should be paid a substantial amount of money for doing this. Not by us though, but by taxing the overly rich. Sometimes people make so much money that they cannot even spend it all, and if you ask me nobody deserves the millions/billions of dollars that are made off of films, sports,etc.. Just an idea.

As I said, if you tell me where you live and give me a bit more info I may be able to direct you. It is not an easy or short process. It took me almost a decade to find one by myself without the help of my ex-GP. I would had rather been treated for the diagnosis that I have instead of been put on such a high dose of many different pain medications to cover up the symptoms and pain. Now I am fighting to save my life.

I know you are scared to death about finding a PM doctor because I've been there more than once. Please email me back and maybe I can help.



That's going to depend on where you live. I'd suggest that you look for a pain management clinic. You'll almost certainly need a referral from your other doctor in order to get an appointment. Try using the AMerican Pain Foundation's Resource Locator to find a doctor in your area.

Good luck!

"Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least." Goethe

I live in Texas. I do what I can to help myself... I do leg exercizes, stretches, (my body doesn't bend at the waist because it's fused solid all the way down and has been for over 30 yrs, I bend at my pelvic), a have a tens unit, etc... I still need the meds to continue to function in society.  To be productive still is important to me so I substitute teach a few days a month. To do that or anything else, I still need meds. with them I still live with pain 24/7. Until science/tech. catches up, there isn't much they can do for me. I've been researching difference spine centers online. Most either don't accept medicare, or the doctors will but not the center where the procedures are done.   My meds are the oxycodone, norco, soma, neurontin, anti infamitory, anti depressants, etc.. I know that's a lot, but my doctor and I finally found the right dosage amounts to help me.. We do a complete work up on my blood every 6 mths to keep a check on my liver enzymes, etc.... everything was in normal ranges.  So, any advice now?

Dear Becky,

I truly understand how you feel. I have been through this ritual many times only because the GP that stated he "wanted to be my PM doctor" was prescribing my pain meds for at least 8 yrs or more. We live in a rural area in MD and there are NO PM physicians in the whole county. He didn't know what he was doing, and the two past Christmas' he decided to just not prescribe the medications on the day they were due to be refilled. I believe he got into some type of trouble and beings that over the years he raised the Oxycontin to 320mg -3 times a day, with break thru 15mg oxycodones and refused to take me off of Duragesic,( 200mcg patches every 3 days). He just lost it. Anyhow I am just saying that you do not have to explain your reasons to people as to why you take pain medications, when pain interferes with your daily life, and there is no fix for your medical problem. I also have tens, traction, craniosacral-biofeedback, inversion table, bought my own oxygen machine,and all types of gadgets that I use to try to meditate or help with my pain.

The facts are that there are very few doctors that do only PM. Don't even try an anesthesiologist for PM because they don't prescribe medications and it will be a waste of your time waiting for the consult.

I did see that someone recommended getting in touch, or becoming a memeber of The American Pain Foundation. That is a wonderful idea. I am a member and I used to be a spokesperson for them until I became too ill. They can help you and they have links to other Chronic Pain Sites that could help also. Their website has improved a lot over the years and I do believe they can steer you in the right direction.

In the mean time, by your GP some flowers and thank him/her profusely for keeping you from going into a detox because we have a lack of professionals in the Pain Management field.

Your spinal problems seem horrible and you are a patient in need of pain medications. I have spinal tumors, spondyloidosis, spinal stenosis, herniated and torn discs, sciatica, scoliosis, osteoporosis, at the age of 44 and I cannot imagine how bad it hurts to have your spine fused. How long will your family doctor keep prescribing the pain medications? I read that you mentioned that a doctor did give you a list of PM physicians and that the closest doctor was 125 miles away? I have to do the drive also or I do not get any Pain medications. It is an all day trip but, after I became established with the new doctor, he only needed to consult with me every 3 months. That makes it easier and maybe the laws in TX are similar. I find it strange that each state has different laws on prescribing narcotics, and different penalties for the abusers or thieves. I heard that FL is full of PM physicians but neither of us live there so that doesn't help. Im sorry for rambling. I know the fear you are going through, not knowing if you are going to get your prescriptions the next month for reasons that are not your fault. The physicians don't help find a new PM physicians very much, they just hand out a list of names that are probably out-dated.

A word of warning, I have been to over 200 different types of physicians over the last decade, and I have found that Pain Management Clinics are not the right avenue. They want to put the patient on Morphine instead of what has been working for the patient, OR, the first thing I would hear is that I need to come off of the Pain medications. I don't even have a diagnosis to some of the most painful symptoms that I've had to endure and they want me to come off of the pain medicine and feel the full force of all of the painful symptoms that I have also? I think not.

 There is a place named, The Laser Spine Institute that claims that they have had zero failed back surgeries. I'm not even sure if what they do is surgery. I have many spinal problems but getting my spine fixed is about 4th or 5th on the back burner. If you do have spinal problems you should search for the above institute and email them and ask them if they can help. 

There are over 80 million Americans alone that are suffering in chronic pain because of the lack of physicians that will prescribe pain medications. Oxycontin for me, is the best pain medication that I have ever tried and I've been on it for about 9 or 10 yrs. There is no ceiling effect, but most doctors will tell you differently because they are afraid to prescribe a dose that actually works or they do not even know how the medicine works.  

I wish I could help you more, I have a lot of information about why there are not PM doctors, but I agree with the earlier post. Email the American Pain Foundation as they are a very helpful and powerful organization. 

When I get jilted or start thinking about the undermining the government is doing to save the economy by letting us die from our illnesses and suffer in tremendous pain, die w/o diagnosis, commit suicide because we cannot take the pain anymore, I feel that of the 80 million Americans and their families that are suffering also, we should get in our wheelchairs, hooverounds, etc.. and take over the stupid DEA/government. There are more of us then there are of them. It is so hard to get PM's but there is such an abundance of it on the streets. I have children that range from 11 yrs old to 27 yrs old. I hear about high school to early 20 yr old people that are taking oxycontin, vicoden, percocets, anything, and crushing them up and sniffing them! They steal them from their parents or rob homes. It disgusts me how the police where I live know who they are and do nothing about it. We have a convenience store in our state, Fastop. Every Fastop that I've been to is a "one stop prescription shop". The dealers just stand out front and sell them meds that we need. I wish the law would go after the junkies and dealers and leave the doctors alone.

Rambiling again. Good luck to you. Try the American Pain Foundation. If you have no luck I will look for some other entities in my old puter for you. You should think about consulting with the PM doctor that is 125 miles away because you may end up with no pain medications at all. Doctors don't care how inconvenienced you may be, or how sore you will be after a ride all day. Maybe this doctor will only want to consult with you every 3 months as mine does, especially since you are an established pain patient and your not just starting out. You don't want to have to find out what your real pain feels like.

Good Luck and God Bless,


Thanks again.. I don't feel so alone now. It's almost impossible for people to comprehend our pain unless they have it too. My mother has always watched me suffer and not be able to do anything about it. She broke her arm a few months back. It was a severe break and the doctor couldn't operate for 10 days. All she had was her arm in a sling and pain pills. She was in excruciating pain. She now understands what it's like to live with pain 24/7, even with meds. She's better now, but her arm still aches. I told her that part will not go away. She crys every now and then because she knows my pain for herself. She doesn't understand how I can live with it. I told her I have two choices, live with it, or die with it.  There are no more options. The meds take the edge off the pain, but doesn't go away. Without the meds, I'm afraid the later sounds like a relief and at times an option. Thank God I still have children...they are what has kept me going.  I don't want them to think when life gets hard to take the easy way out. God bless you and hope you are able to find relief yourself. I have gone online to reasearch some of the spinal centers, but many do not accept medicare..

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