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Is it worth it to submit your website to paid directories? Yes your website will be added to their features listing, but what if everybody else paid also?

I think so, so you can easily made link since paid directories will automatically approved your submission.

"find us - http://www.digitalchameleon.net"
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Tom Murray Thinks this answer is Helpful:

paid directories will approve your site and give you link back and free directories are just free no link back for sure and they will not approve your site, free directory site owner just wants more traffic by using FREE word and once they get more traffic, they sale their site by using your time. 


Even they approve your site, they don't check for dead links is located in their database about that link which they approved 6 months before, because they just approve and approve and approve.. Now, Google will banned them for keeping dead links in their directory.

Site owner, please ...please don't spend your time on free directories.

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