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Package stagnation at isc new york

I ordered a package from china .Usps tracking service shows it arrived at isc  new york ny(usps) on june16 ,08 . Any idea why it has not been shipped from that point to my home post office.

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Good question. I'm suppose to be getting a package from the UK that has been stuck in ISC NY since July 23. I can't find a straight answer as to how backed up ISC is at the moment. Have you gotten your package yet?

Yeah, I have a package that apparrently must have gotten lost in June and now I had one arrive at ISC on Aug 15 and I haven't seen it yet, I have no hope of seeing this because in my experience once I have tracked a package and it has arrived at ISC it usually only take a day or two to get to the home PO.  I dug around alittle and came up with the number for ISC-Jamaica which is the new york office. I don't know where you all are from but it is 718-553-7369.  I'm willing to bet they won't help though. 

Please dont call the 718 553-7369 number. It is not customer service or a package tracking office.  Please try 1-800-222-1811 or 718-553-7271.  Sorry to all postal customers for their inconvenience.

Thanks mage Cat for the phone number.Good thing you did'nt bet, You would have lost.I called & got prompt answers.A very friendly,helpful person who took time to explain He took the time to give me another number to call to get more help.And told me to check the post office where the package was to go to and see if it had arrived.This was  a package coming from Canada to Ct. I give this man 2 thumbs up & a 10. It was a breath of fresh air, to talk with someone who cared & took the time out of his busy work to explain. I dont understand why NPMHU replied & said dont call that number & said sorry to all the postal customers.,do you work there?Cause when I  called that 800 number all I got was a recording push this push that, put on hold for 5 days,& hung up on.You get more out of the internet than that number.And the other number all you get is a recording to leave your name & number & they will return you call asap (in other words when h freezez over)This automated answerering machines have cut many people out of jobs.The world has gotten cold & impersonel with automation.That number I called has real live caring people.What a ray of sunshine & gives you hope that all is not lost .Probaly the last one left in the world.

Once overseas packages arrive at ICS they are no longer tracked until they reach your house so that is why you haven't gotten any new tracking info.


Once overseas packages arrive at ICS they are no longer tracked until they reach your house so that is why you haven't gotten any new tracking info.


Hello, I had a package mailed from the UK in April. It arrived at ISC at JFK airport at 9:42 PM on April 26th (2 1/2 months ago)!!! I have yet to receive it. It seems that no one knows where the hell it is or is really willing to help me and trace its current location. It also seems that the more the postal service charges, the worse that the service becomes. Does anyone know where it currently is? The tracking number was RI815735812GB. Thanks for any information!


Smooth Seas!

@Manchund. Here is your insight: the USPS and Customs are run by the government. Here is another: soon your healthcare will also be run by the government. Cheers.

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