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Does Oxycontin and Heroin show up as the same ...

Does Oxycontin and Heroin show up as the same thing in a urine drug test? Also, How long does it take for Oxycodone to not be evident in a urine test done by my doctor? My doctor did a drug test on me to make sure that I am taking my medication, which I think is a great Idea because to many people are selling their prescribed drugs. Now my questions are: How long does Oxycontin 80 mg and Oxycodone 15 mg stay in your system in order for it to show up on a urine test done by my doctor's office and also, How long will Percosett 5 mg stay in your system for the same reason? I am diagnosed with a brain tumor that causes extreme Migrains along with other symptoms, I try not to take my pain medication every day, but it is to painful most of the time. My doctor told me that there was a new law passed that allows doctors to give urine tests to patients to make sure they are taking their medication and not selling it on the streets. Is this true or am I being lied to? I live in Massachusetts.

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it depends. some panel tests have both a opiate and an oxycontin panel (seperate panels i mean). it just depends. im on probation so i study up on these things. i dont wanna have to spend 6 months in jail, so im really on top of it : /. but it just depends. if its a lab, then they know which is which. dont try saying you took a lortab as an excuse tho.

oxycodone after a single low dose is typically detectable in urine 8-24 hours. The highest upper boundary with sensitive test is 4 days (depends on age, with older folks it takes longer, also depends on metabolism Its metabolites do show up different than heroin or morphine. Heroin and Morphine are both detectable as morphine metabolites since heroin is diacetylmorfin anyway. Not so with oxycodone,- it shows as three very different metabolites as I believe it is a thebaine conversion based opiate./ Highest threshold for heroin and morphine is 5 days) There is a law in almost every Canadian province or American state regulating oxycodone prescriptions. It is a limited use medication so its safe to say that your doctor has the right to check your urine and you probably either signed or verbally consented to it without even noticing. Pain afterall does marvels to memory :-)

Not only is your dr. Checking that you are taking your medication, but also that you are not taking anything else that he did not order. So, making sure you are not selling your drugs he is also checking that you are not taking medications not ordered by him.

how long can lortab be detecteded on a drug test

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