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Oklahoma City, OK restaurant, Kips Big BoyDoes anyone know who owned Kip's Big Boy Restaurant?

Mr. Thomas W. Holman of LA CA and James D. "Bucky" Reed of Okla. City ,OK partnered together in the opening of Kip's Big Boy #1 3217 N. May Ave. OKC Mr. Holman Sr. had worked for Bob's Big Boy in CA (Robert C. Wian) for over 20 years and then met Mr. Reed a OKC lounge owner in 1958 and deceided to build the Kip's Rest as a tribute to Bob's and landmark quality family restaurant in the Okc area. They went on to open Kip's Locations , 4 OKC, 2 Tulsa, OK, and one in Wichita, KS and several Roy Rogers Roast Beef Restaurants in OKc, Norman OK, and Lawton, OK. In the late 70's Kip's Big Boy locations was acquired by Frisch's Inc. of Cinn. Ohio. They operated several more years and one by one sold to private business. Kip's Big Boy of Texas locations (many) was owned and operated by Fred Bell Enterprises, of Dallas, Tx and also bought by Frisch's Inc. Mr. Bell and Mr. Holman Sr. agreed to jointly use the name Kip's to make quality Big Boy food and service well known in Central and S.W. US States. I worked for Kip's Big Boy in OKla. from '69 through '76. I started as a dishwasher and left then Frisch's in '76 for a business venture in industrial security services. Mr. Holman Sr. and Tom Holman JR. and Mr. Reed were great to work with and for and Kip's will always be a meaningful part of my life. I am grateful to them. I am 608 N. 7th St. Lumberton, MS 39455 Now Retired!

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Kelly Coffman

My mother worked for Kips Big Boy in Okc when I was a baby in 1968ish. 

Mark Gelhaar

If you worked in, or your Mom did, in '68, then it was on May Ave.or the downtown Big Boy 24hrs under the main offices. The May Av. location was Kip's #1 and Downtown 122 W. Main st. #2. Mr. Springston was the store manager (for many years) since open and Bill Beemis was a manager, and Andy House shift mgr. I may not be exact but know I am close. Those were thr best years.Again Thanks I will reply anytime and most questions on Big Boy I have a lot of info.

Mark Gelhaar

I am looking for photos, menus, match books, and any items that show a picture of the original Kip's Big Boy 3217 N. May Ave. during the 60's and the Tulsa Ok T-#2 Kip's  I think on Sheridan Dr. in Tulsa,OK, it was the last Kip's Rest. opened in Tulsa, OK by Mr. Holman and Mr. Reed. Any way to get news photo or grand opening photos, please let me know. Thanks!

Mark Gelhaar

If anyone has a interesting story or event they want to share about a experience in any BIg Boy Restaurant nationwide, please do. There were a lot of good people who worked hard especially during the 60's thru 80's at Bob's,Kip's,Marc's,Shoney's,Vip's,JB's,Top's,Azar's,Leo's,and many other franchises like Frisch's too! Let us know where the servers,cooks,mgrs.,car hops,hostesses,prep. workers went ? Thanks

Mark Gelhaar

The Big Boy Restraunts story is not untold or finished. There are new Big Boy locations in CA and FL, MI, and other states. The best of times were the exciting times of the 50's, 60's, and 70's. A lot of lives were affected by the wholesome atmosphere and the great family values and feelings of "Home" weather you worked at a Big Boy or a valued custermer with you family and friends. A famous motto was "Home of the Big Boy". In any place you saw that sign you knew you were "Home" and guarenteed 100% great food, service, and time with great people.Men and women, like Bob Wian, Fred Bell,Tom Holman Sr. and Mrs. Pat Holman, Bucky Reed, and Mrs. Reed were the modern pioneers and founders of the "Family Restaurant"!M.Gelhaar

Mark Gelhaar

If you have any "Big Boy" items, menus, ash trays, old comic books, photos, news articles, any great storys, please let me know. I am trying to start a "Big Boy" museum of collectable items and artifacts. So far we have 2 small Big Boy statues and several ash trays, some match books, one comic, one watch, some pins, and 2 key chains and a few photos..We need photos and printed items with franchise names. Thanks! We will reimburse postage/shipping on all.

Mark Gelhaar

We are getting some interest and want to see much more on the experience as employees and/or guests and visitors to your local area Big Boy Restaurant in the past or now at the ever growing new Big Boy Restaurants starting up in America. Personal stories and memories are the favorites as well as store photos from the 60's ans 70's of any Big Boy franchised restaurant. Bob's started it all in LA, CA in 1938 and grew and the nation experienced "Home of the Big Boy" under names as JB's,Marc's,Shoney's.Elby's,Elias Bro.,Top's,Manner's.Frisch's,Totes,Bob's,Kip's,Vip's,Leo's and others. Share your Experience! Thanks!

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