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Outgoing Mail suddenly screwed up

My AOL outgoing mail on my ipad has suddenly gotten screwed up.  1) no longer do my contact names come up in address as I type; 2) my outgoing mail does not arrive with pictures that we sent; 3) my outgoing mail arrives with the text scrambled with bad formatting and long spaces between words.  Any help, please?

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Just an answer to David's question - I am using webmail - and if you check all of the complaints I have posted and answered for you - last one yesterday - 2 messages - none deleted - do not see a box to select on trash folder or a select all

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This only happens when an address is not fully formed - AOL assumes it is an AOL Screen Name and appends @aol.com. Just make sure your address is complete - user@domain.code

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This is the exact thing happening to one of my AOL email accounts. What is the solution to this problem? Anyone?

Hi Tom....all of a sudden my outgoing mail has a ...

It sounds like you need to change your Display Name in AOL Mail. To do this, try logging into http://mail.aol.com/ and clicking 'Settings' near the top right of the screen. Then, click the 'Compose' tab to the left of the screen, which should bring up, among other things, the option to change ...