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Outdoor thermometer

what is the best location for outdoor weather thermometer

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If you are interested in an ordinary outside thermometer, (the type you install just outside the window), then I can help you. You should always install this type of outdoor wall thermometer on the north side of your house, and away from badly insulated windows. It will give the most accurate temperature readings. In some circumstances, you may want to know the true air temperature of a particular location, (micro climate). Here you should install the thermometer on a post, at the particular height you are checking. The worst places to install this type of thermometer are on a wall facing south, only a few inches away from the wall, or near a "leaky" window which will keep the thermometer "warm", in winter.

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Hi Lynda,
There is no such thing as "best location".... The thermometer will give you the reading at the point it is places (exactly there) so you have to ask your self "where do I want it to read the temperature ?"  - in the shade, in the open side (exposed to the wind), where it gets direct sunlight most of the day, etc.  The answer will guide you where to place it. 
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The correct location to place an outdoor thermometer is a lightly shaded area five feet from the ground and placed with at least five feet of distance from a wall or solid object. Otherwise an area where there is at least 5 feet of airflow around the thermometer.


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