Why so many outbreaks of shingles, I'm only 30?

I am a 30 year old woman and I have been suffering from outbreaks of shingles for the past several years, at least 3 a year. I had a bad case of chicken box when I was around 17, don't know if that is relevant...The shingles usually come after/during a stressful occurance, but I have also noticed antibiotics and sun exposure can be triggers for me. My question is: Could there be an underlying reason, besides stress that could be causing the frequent outbreaks? I have heard of lupus, lymphoma, etc. or....

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My 34 yr old daughter has had shingles 9 months of the yr for the last 3 yrs,  just clears up & begins again.  She has medication she takes when it starts.  She knows stress & sun make it flare up.  She also gets headaches, sinus infections, fatigue & is sick of being sick.  Dr just gives her an antibiotic & sends her home.  She was told last yr that her hormone levels aren't what they should be.  Could this be more than just shingles???

i am so sorry you are dealing with this.  Our 17 year old son just had the shingles a few months ago, and it was very painful for him.  I am so curious about this, because I thought it only tended to occur in the elderly...and now I hear 'ads' for shingles medications and the chicken pox 'vaccine' piped in at the grocery store!!!

i have been reading a lot about this, and one thing that stands out to me is that the pox vaccine is widely administered...AAAAAAND, you come down with shingles IF you are immuno-suppressed + have had pox before + are exposed to the pox. Tell me, how many people keep their children at home after giving them the vaccine?????  A vaccinated person (usually a child) sheds the virus, so, there you go, maybe that's one reason....


on another note, Apple Cider Vinegar is a wonderful aid to shingles pain and healing.  Take a tablespoon with apple juice - once an hour is not too much - and apply to cotton compresses to soothe pain and speed up healing - ONLY USE TOPICALLY AFTER THE lesions have scabbed over!!!!!  You can not use compresses too much.  

ALSO - especially since she keeps recurring, put her in L-Lysine.  it's an amino acid that kills the replicating activity of the virus.  I bone up on it AS SOON AS i feel a cold sore coming on, and most of the time it doesn't erupt, and it NEVER bursts, oozes, bleeds, scabs for more than JUST ONE DAY, if even that!  you can pick l-lysine up at any vitamin store, even a lot of grocery stores....

i always up my vitamins when i'm feeling sluggish.  i believe diet helps immeasurably.  here is a good, clear site:


also, and along these lines, AVOID coffee (even decaf), sugar, peanuts, lentils, nuts, seeds, rice, flour, grain cereals and INCREASE consumption of water, sprouts, avocados, apples*, pears, apricots*, beets*, tomatoes, milk, eggs, fish*, lamb, beef, and dairy including cheese*, yogurt*, ice cream*, butter.  these foods are naturally rich in the amino acid L-Lysine

* the best of the best

also, make sure you're taking your fish oils.  probably THE most important daily supplement we should ALL be taking, especially given that our food today is so completely backwards on the ratio of omega's we need to be taking!!!  wow.

finally, since her doc has her on ANTIbiotics, is she also taking PRObiotics???  the issue here is that ANTIbiotics kill, even the good stuff...so the 'good bugs' in her intestinal lining, for example, are killed.  you need a healthy intestinal flora for healthy digestion and absorption of food.  you can find PRObiotics at a health food or vitamin store, and at many upper end grocery stores.  don't get yogurt...it is filled with sugar, plus only has a few types of the 'good bugs' you need...go for a pro-biotic that has millions and millions of the good guys, and it must be in the refrigerated section.  my kids love them.

best of luck to you.  sincerely.


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