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My husband is huge! lengh wise and width wise. now that i have finally able to take it it seems to be geting a little old. can u please help

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I don't see any problem in having sex as elder people. If it is not working out well there are drugs you can take to improve your sex life. About the size here are great links you can use:




I don't think that's what she was asking... you were talking about the size of your husbands penis.  Am I correct?  You are finally able to handle the size of it, but you're sick of it, you don't particularly enjoy it.  It is a difficult question.  Some people are more compatible sexually.  I think that going to a sex therapist may be a good idea.  You could be honest with your husband and tell him that you have a hard time enjoying sex because of the size of his penis.  There may be some positions, some lubricants, some suggestions, that a professional would have.  You wouldn't want something like this to ruin your marriage.  It's very important for both of you to be able to enjoy sex.  I would talk to him, and think about a therapist.  It could help.

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First, it is important to see that this is completely understandable. Contrary to the notion in pop culture that a larger too is better, the truth is that many women struggle to enjoy intercourse at all, and actually find that a larger penis is even more painful and less pleasureable. 

Here are some suggestions:  first, you don't have to climax via intercourse. Many women really don't.  They need manual stimulation of the cliterus.  This is really quite normal, and perfectly okay.  Ask your husband to touch you there at the appropriate time.

Next, it may well be that you are beginning intercourse well before you are in the mood. Given that men tend to charge up sexually much more quickly than women, and that they want to begin intercourse very quckly, this is not unusual. 

Ask your husband to spend time in foreplay.  Have him help you get in the mood with hugs, kissing, and light petting.  See that you are taking your time as you move forward. Allow yourself to not feel rushed so that you can get in the mood.

What may well happen is that you find your vaginal naturally lubricating.  That will help to make intercourse more enjoyable.  You may also want to try some other lubricants.

If it is still painful, it is important that you realize this is not so much your fault as it is a natural issue that couples struggle with.  Discuss with your partner how you both can get what you need. Perhaps he can enjoy intercourse for a while, but not too long, and he can also stimulate your cliterus in other ways so that you get full enjoyment out of the lovemaking.

Many of the junk out there in pop culture about large penuses being more pleasureable and women that are ready for intense sexual intercourse at a moments notice really are not true. They are the creation of men's fantasies more than anything.  Taking it slower, getting in the mood, and being realistic is a big help.

you should be greatful to have this i am 71 and do it three times a week i am 8 long and 4 wide.

i am that way and i go three times a week and i am 70.

What is it that you really want?  Is he satisfying you?  maybe you're just in it for the sex.   If that's the case then you're not really into him.   Your love should grow together!!!  Most women would kill for what you  just explained!!!  Wakeup and smell the coffee.  "Serious"

You lucky devil! Use a lubricant and let him ease it in gently. You will not regret it.

i had the same thing when i started dating my partner!!

so when i realised i was starting to get used to the feeling's i started to try alot more positions than what we normaly would do to get more feeling from the penertration to get alot more deeper to get that great feeling back! hope it help's good luck!!!!!

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