Discuss SolarGoddess's answer to: Why do ALL organized Christian religions think they are the only true Christians and others are bad?

Be warned! I have a MS in theology from Dartmouth College. I'm also a Historian of Christianity and "The Bible" in it's many incarnations.

What Michael said and what mommasgirl said.

I am amazed that anyone would seriously try to answer such a sweeping question.

Manwitch, why don't you try asking a more general or even a more personalized question?

If you are struggling with your faith, God has promised to send whatever help you need. If demonic possession has become a problem for you, God has the answer for that too.

Praise God!

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manwitch is not struggling with anything. He is trying to show off all of that education he has accumulated He must feel pretty insecure that he has to come to this forum to show off his intelligence. Thats right he didn't show off his intelligence, he only threatened to in his question.

Rocmike3 Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Rabid, Sun,

Manwitch failed to show either higher education or intelligence.  He claims a degree from Dartmouth -- that Dartmouth does not award! 

Truly, they have an excellent and unbiased religion major, that justifies a degree and is accepted at virtually any Seminary in the nation.  But folks, Religion is an ARTS discipline and Manwitch claims a SCIENCES discipline.

Methinks there be a little fraud somewhere!  Alas, all that atheists have ever done well is to commit fraud. 

Rocmike3 Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Rabid, I find that Manwitch (aka Physicalist) is dangerous in one regard only: he could bore an accountant to death!


He may be able to bore an accountant to death but he is a Proctologist's dream.

Bob Suffolk Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Wait a minute, RM3! Let's not get a spate of accountant jokes going! Particularly the Monty Python "Lion Tamer" sketch starring Michael Palin as Herbert Anchovy!


Don't look at me, I tried to switch the subject.

Bob Suffolk Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Re: proctologist's dreams.

Once upon a time, there was an infuriating little dweeb named Roger Dunbar (AKA "Jolly" Roger) who was about to be expelled from school for being an abrasive little nerd.

Rather than let them expel him, he put on his best double-knits, found his pocket protector, put fresh tape on the bridge of his glasses, and practiced his bray.

Then he grabbed the case that held the most diabolical implement of torture since reruns of Teletubbies! He locked the doors to his classroom, and stood before the class, glaring defiance. He knew what the thing he had in that suitcase could do, and was not afraid to use it.

The other students gasped, and tried to flee the building, but it didn't help.

He cackled, drew some air into his accordion, and began playing, "I'm Henry the eighth, I am."

The class reacted as most intelligent people must. The ambulance arrived an hour later. They took him to the emergency room. The proctologist examined Roger closely, and asked, "Tell me, Roger, how did they get that accordion in there?"

Roger only screamed, "Never mind! JUST PULL IT OUT!"

Yechielshlipshon Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Dear SolarGoddess;

You asked a question about the Slave Tread. I did not find a post where it was relevant, so I have a website for you to glance at.


Hope this helps. Not that where there were Jews in Africa, that nation was blessed for not abusing them, as the Jews were in Europe. Intetresting.



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