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When ordering checks is it worth it to get the ez shield fraud protection?

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Absolutely!!!Banks will usually reimburse you, but it can take MONTHS to get your money back. EZShield basically pays your money back in 3 days... and then they deal with the banks so you don't have to..... it's SUPER cheap, and WAYY worth it.... for the money, it saves months of agony

Go to You-Tube... they teach people how to wash checks.... if your checks ever fall into the wrong hands, and someone changes it at all, EZShield will repay you any money lost as a result in 3 days!! They will also reimburse you for overdraft fees, stop payment fees... any money that you lost because some dildo got your check.... they will re pay you! Most banks pay all the extra stuff, they will only return the money that was taken from your bank, and even then, they can take a super long time about it!! Think of it this way.... if someone drained your bank account... how long are you willing to wait to get your money back? How long can you afford to be completely broke? It's super cheap.... why not protect yourself....? You have probably spent more money on things way less valuable than protecting the money in your bank account.

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