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My wife loves oral sex after intercorse alsso she sayes it best when intercorse is with another man

my wife loves oral sex after intercorse alsso she sayes it best when intercorse is with another man 

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so, what's the question? it sounds like she is perfectly content in her sexuality. you, on the other hand, well, how do u cope with your wife doing it with other men? does she let you watch? do you masturbate if you are allowed to watch? you're the party with the issue, and you need to work it out with your wife.

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Sounds like you won't be calling her you wife PDQ, as two is company and three is a crowd. And a suburban wife can be a suburban whore,she doesn't have to work in a whorehouse.

if it is ok 4 80% of men to want to have sex with one women then pull it out and shove it in there wifes mouth and let her suck it til he cums,(very comon fantacy) then why come its not ok for the revirse??? studys show that if a women is given the chance to act out her fantacy without any regrets, she is more likely to persue them than a man would. i am quite sure that if given the chance you would sertanly sex one women and then pull it out and stick it right in your wifes mouth with no hesatation, so why not let her put her cunt in your face when she is ready???

if it feels good do it....

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