Is Oprah weaker or stronger for having gained the weight?

Do you think less of Oprah because she's regaied 40 pounds?

Is this a sign of weakness, or is this a sign that she's actually human?

What do you think?

Is Oprah weaker or stronger for having gained the weight?

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I don't think that a woman should be looked up to or looked down upon because of her wight.  Our society has become disgusting and obsessed with weight.  Oprah had a lot of amazing qualities and she should be looked up to for them, not because she lost weight in the past.

I think that Oprah's weight fluctation not only shows that she is human, but also makes it easier for her viewers to relate to her for this reason. Because Oprah is experiencing something that so many women go through themselves, her viewers can also learn from her mistakes and feel like they can work with her as she tries to become more healthy.

Oparh will still be the kind hearted people loving person she has always been no matter what her size.

Oparh has showen time and time again that she is just like everyone else she is human.

A sign that she's actually human.

I recently went to a new doctor and noticed he was located in something called the Professional Building. I felt better right away.

She shows the sign of actually being human. I personally love Oprah no matter what her size is or was. I don't think weight should matter to anyone. Health is what should matter to people.  

I feel Oprah is much to hard on herself.She's human.As long as she's healthy,is all that matters.I think she looks better with some meat on her bones.Look how scary Starr Jones look.I just dont believe all was meant to be skinny.

she is only human

Oprah, has been up and down all the yrs I've watched her, she also has depression wich in turn can cause weight gain or just hereditary.But shes not a God shes a human being just like us .

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