Opinions and thoughts on my donors? NOTE ...

Opinions and thoughts on my donors?


NOTE: These are for later use, after I get my SSI.

This is from Fairfax:
Donor 4219 is a well-rounded, caring person. He is a decorated veteran, has traveled extensively, and has a passion for changing the world for the better. He strives to live his life with integrity and compassion, and enjoys volunteering and helping others. He is uniquely attractive due to his interesting ethnic background. He is very tall, with strong shoulders and a lean, muscular appearance. He has luxurious dark brown hair that he wears shoulder length. His smile is his best feature, reflecting his positive attitude. He is 6'2 in height.

He is Korean/German-Austrian-Italian

This is from Xytex:
He is into music (piano and singing). He is a comedian. He comes from an artistic/medical family. His brother is into Cinema Arts, while his sister is a art director at a dance studio. His parents are both in the medical field, with his father being a neurologist, and his mother being a nurse. His grandfather was also in the medical field, as a doctor. He is 5,10 and weighs 160 pounds. He has Auburn hair and Hazel/Green eyes.

He is Irish, Puerto Rican, and Scottish.


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Donors for what exactly?

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