Why would a RN to a terminally-ll child would walk out of her job & never say goodby to her patient?

What kind of person do U think that is a RN who worked for over a yr. w/terminally-ill girl (who bonded/loved this lady/RN) to suddenly experience this RN just vanish w/o saying goodbye to girl or ever calling to explain to her why she left? Please all share your thoughts. I can tell you I am positive it is not because she couldn't bear the thought of talking to her to say goodbye, that is not her nature. She doesn't even talk to her own mother, and has issues w/her father...I have asked her 2 times on FB messaging to please call this girl and say goodbye, explain, something. I get no response. Also, she claims she was working for a charity case ( why, due to girl being terminally-ill? who tells people that, and she is getting paid more money for her shifts she worked than other nurses I belive)...she even got paid when the family would take her out to the movie/shopping/eating or just a walk around the fair grounds/a AMERICAN IDOL & Skating show, yes, the nurse WAS paid top dollar to go with family & the sick girl, yet, she calls it "charity" work, and since she  (RN) offered her time/help when getting paid she seems to get pleasure in showing pictures on her FB page to her friends of the outings with this dying girl having people think it's "charity" work! I am heartbroken for this sick girl. It is NOT her fault this RN left, and yet, she thinks it must be. How can a professional nurse let a dying child believe this RN never cared enough about her to just say goodbye? What is this person thinking? I've tried to get her to say a few words to this girl, but she refuses to answer me...she has 4 children of her own. She just goes on her merry way, or did and still does the day following her departure(speeding in her car out of families driveway)...a pampered pet bully? is that what she is? I'm so hurt for this child. She has to stay bedridden every day wondering why, what did she do, why did this friend/RN leave w/o saying goodbye to me...Help me to understand, help me to help this child, please. Thank you for your time...All who read this, please share ur thoughts.

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I think she is a sob. She evedentualy does not care of any human, esp. a dying, sick one. Who could know? I would tell your child this RN isn't worth her time thinking of her. It is sad this girl cared for this woman. Having children of my own, I can't see how any professional nurse could do something so harsh to a ill person, just unreal. I am so sorry for this child.

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