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How do I open a locked desk drawer?

I have an old wooden desk (c 1930s) and the two left side drawers have somehow locked (it's the type that if the top drawer is locked, the bottom is too). I can't get under or to the side of the drawers without partially dismantling the desk. Jiggling didn't work. Help! And thanks!

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Did you ever get your desk opened?  I have the same problem with our old wood desk.  The drawers on the right side don't open, but the ones on the left do, as does the center drawer.  There is no actual lock on the desk, but the right drawers are "jammed" shut, probably some safety mechanism.  How do I get it to release?  My husband told me once how to do this, I think it's a combination of positions of some of the drawers, or something like that.  Sadly, my husband died a month ago, and now I need to get into the desk.  Any suggestions, anyone? JH

I found the "lock" by removing the center drawer -- it's a smallish metal bar on the side of the stuck top drawer, towards the rear.  But, on my desk it seems to be jammed and I haven't been able to shake it loose.  I'm going to try WD-40.  Ideally once the top drawer is opened, the lower one will too.

Good luck.

Many thanks for your reply. I will try taking the center drawer out and look for a latch, catch, or whatever might release the 3 drawers on that side. I appreciate your taking the time to answer.


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