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In ontempt of court visitation rights.

I have a problem with my visitation time. My ex-wife believes that if I do not take my daughter to her softball, baskietball, soccer, games birthday parties then I cannot have her on those weekends. She said she paid for these things and no one is going to stop her from taking the child to them. I do not beleive I have to comply with this as I have plans to take her and do other things with her.  She has withheld where the games are or the times they are on other times so I will not go to participate with her. I am not included in any school activites as well. I am not on the list to be able to be called if she is  sick or if I want to pick her up after school. I do not have any more money to see a lawyer as she has already put me in bankruptcy from the first two. What can I do about this?

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If you have court ordered visitationn rights, she has no legal right to stop you from your scheduled visitation. If you cannot afford a lawyer, most states offer free, or fees that are based on your ability to pay, legal services. Call your county bar association and they can refer you to a lawyer.

she should not have schedualed these activities during your visitation ,but it may be important to your daughter maybe you can take her to these games and support your child get involved theres no law about attending your childs activities weater or not it is your visit or not that makes you look better to the courts as being involved with your child, and pi##es off the mother too not to be mean i have had similar problems with a mother trying to keep me away to try making me look bad you dont need to be mean or rude just act happy even if you are not when you look or think about the woman good luck

If you want it done and done right the first time do it yourself

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