How to be a Good Online Project Manager

How to be a Good Online Project Manager? What is your opinion ?

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As a Project Manager you have to deal with a variety of situations, working with lots of people and experiencing a myriad of issues and risks. To see light at the end of the tunnel then it is important to have a strong personality that is both proactive and positive.

The Project Manager also has to be an active figure, a decisive leader, a good !people person” and not a bystander.  

Time Management

According to me a good online project manager is the one who manages and ensures estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control, budget management, resource allocation, etc. The results for these can be exemplary only when he/she selects the ideal project management software. Microsoft project 2010 helps organizations reduce cost and drive efficiency through unified project and portfolio management. One also improves productivity through simple and intuitive user experience.

Mangers are made, they are not born. If you want to be a good manager whether it is in real life or in virtual you have to be a honest, strong, non-biased persona. For this there exist many tutorials, many resources for online project management.

Best of Luck.


Life is Short, Shop it up \m/

A good online project manager must be smart and always dedicated to his/her job. A project manager must maintain a great communication with the teammates and have some knowledge about the accounting to gain his/her task by a limited budget.

Best of luck  Smile

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