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Does anyone know anything about 'The Extraordinary Chris, Astrologer, Psychic Medium and Parapsychologist'?

Nope. And being a psychic myself, if I haven't heard of him, he's probably completely bogus. If the first thing he does is ask for money, he's a fake. Those of us with genuine abilities don't charge people huge amounts of money for helping them. It violates the gifts we've been given. And while I can, occasionally, pick up a few things over the internet, it's not a common gift and it is far from consistent or controllable, and is as likely to be wrong as right. Could I tout myself as an online psychic? Sure. But I'd be lyin my ass off. In order to accurately read a person, you have to be in direct proximity to that person.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.
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Hi Thank you for the quick answer to my question.  I keep getting emails from this guy to join his elite circle.  I don't know where he came from and can't find any information about him anyplace. 

As a psychic yourself can you pick up things in a persons life via phone readings?

I am psychic myself and have had many unusual dreams come true.  However, I am in a situation in which I can't figure out what to do for myself.  I can help a lot of people but maybe I'm too close to this situation.


Yeah, that's the rough thing. We often are great at helping other people, lousy at helping ourselves. It just doesn't seem to work that way.

As far as my abilities as a psychic. I am, sometimes, able to pick up bits and pieces about someone over the net of maybe by phone. But I'm what's called an empathic sensitive. I need to be close enough to the person to read the aura that surrounds them, the electromagnetic field, their feelings and emotions. Everything comes from that.

Spirits, ghosts, entities, whatever you choose to term them, are easier to read than people. This is because they are pure electromagnetic phenomenon, so open. And they WANT to be read. They're open. People, on the other hand are like, I want you to read that, but none of that other stuff I want no one to know. But it doesn't always work that way. We don't really control what we get.


Personally, I haven't practiced anything much for a while. This is because I worked with abused women and women in pain. That was my thing, you know. But it can be very hard. I was an abused kid myself, so I know, but you don't just pick up their pain. You share it, take some of it inside yourself, and thus lessen it, as well as advising them.I had to take a break for a few years to deal with my own problems.

I would have to know about your problem to help. I am, or was, also a psychologist, so I can approach from that area of understanding also. I can't promise to fix things, to receive anything psychically or to have solutions. I don't sense any great pain in you, but my ability to read anyone over the net is hit and miss at best.



I have been getting emails from this same guy who calls him self The Extraordinary Chris I see no way to unsubscribe, I have emailed him back and asked him to stop but to no avail, he keeps sending me stuff want any where from 39.99 to 79.99. To bad wish what he said was true would be nice.


I get his emails too.  Does anyone know his phone number?  It's not in the internet.  


Chris supposedly came out on tv as one of the greatest psychics.  All psychics ask for money, so the fact that he asks for money doesn't make him "bogus".  If anyone knows of ANY psychic that does work for free, please let me know asap. Thank you.  

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OMG I keep getting emails from him asking why i haven't responded to his other like 50 emails. One day he just popped up on my email then i was gone for 2 days unable to check my email and he emailed me 10 times. He keeps calling me Jess and asking me to join his "elite group" or whatever.


No, no, no, this guy's bogus. There's something going on here you don't want any part of. Some kind of con. Avoid this guy.

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Anybody heard of the charm's alphbet

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He contacted me too not a long time ago and I did order his psychic reading. I think he did a great job for me (but of course I cannot talk for anyone else).
Exchanging email back and forth we him, I ended requesting him to help me with my love life. Perhaps I was too much in a hurry, but I ended up asking for a refund and and gave it too me immediately.

Again that's my personal experience. I still write him back from time to time and he give me good advice for free.



I love Chris, he saved my life. I've been consulting him for a year. Yes he charges which is normal, Who does not? But when I told him that I couldn't afford to pay him, he offered me his service for free. 


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