The Internet is absolutely clotted with sites that offer to sell powerful narcotics and sedatives without a prescription.  They charge hideous prices, and when you get your pills, you can take them by the handful . . . because you only bought placeboes.

What you thought of yesterday, and did today, will be around tomorrow.
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OH NO Rocmike aka American Patriot is starting today's posting marathon at 9.00 am est the earliest starting time so far. If it follows its normal pattern we are in for over 20 hours of this idiot repeating the same crap over and over alias after alias and going to old questions and answers. Rocmike aka American Patriot it is Labor Day give us a break. This means nothing to you because you never had a job. YOU ARE STARING OFF WITH RENNER AND ANONYMOUS, ANONYMOUS COWARD, ENGINEER, DAVE PALMER, MIKE WEAVER WITH MANY MORE TO FOLLOW.It is now 6.00 am est. Rocmike aka American Patriot has 21 hours of blogging in and still posting.


Who is Rocmike?  Or should I ask, considering how many people you claim are this man?

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