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Why does one toilet gurgle when the other is ...

why does one toilet gurgle when the other is flushed

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The air vent may be plugged.

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It seems to me that it's either defective or not adjusted properly. A new toilet, especially a well known brand like Kohler, should not make excessive noise. Complicated float system or not.

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The 2003 International Plumbing Codes Handbook states: A handicap toilet will rise to a height of between 16 and 20 inches off the finished floor. 18 inches is a common height for most handicap toilets.

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If you live in city , temp. in house melts ice. turn temp. up, If you live in a country area pour hot water and draino in toilet.

Toilet filling problems

go to menards/home depot/ace and get the plug-in wrap wires. it's like a flat extension cord that you wrap around the pipes. it has a built in sensor that regulates the temp, not too hot. I use them in a summer cottage during the winter so i don't have to blow the pipes out. not a break since i ...