One more thing before I am off.

Yes, I will be off although I will like to pin-point the fact that none of you are the "boss or such" of yedda. I do want to say one thing before I am off. People are just publizing away running their yapperz about what I did maybe they should look at theirselves. Ok I am not the one who keeps continuously hating one another and I am not the one who calls people a fake. I am most certainly not the one critising people for their beliefs and emotions here. Let me tell you a little something besides recent "incidents"(lack of a better word) I have never once been untruthful to any of you. I have tried to get along and tried to stay neutral. A good friend of mine says that is where I went wrong, trying to please everyone. Apparently, I can't do that because I am just a child or this or that. I have been critized from day 1 on this site and I am most certainly sick of it. Yes, I started out on the political threads correct. I found the site through an artcle on AOL News when trying to do my current events. Dawg introduced himself to me and I was simply amazed with this site. I asked questions and posted more answers/opinions on things and along the way I met probably the best people I have ever met in my life. This site is unlike anything I have ever known before. I will never forget the people I have met along the way. They mean the world to me. Thinking about this site does distress me at points because of everything. First time I met Frogpong he asked me where my aligence lied. I didn't quite no the answer at the time(I do really try to be neutral as in I met pretty awesome intelligent sweet people on both sides) but now I know it lies in my heart and everything in my heart. Some of you question everything I have said or done since I have been here which honestly I don't blame you judge away. But don't think because that I did what I did doesn't mean I intentionally wanted to hurt you or that I was fake from the beginning that is not the case I assure you. Pa's Girl sweetie I hope you feel better and I am sorry. I know that won't make things better ,but honestly I don't know how to if ever even a way. If I 'impersonated' you in the last few days or said anything illy to offend you just know I didn't mean it. The fake people I mention obviously are the ones that meant the most to me. I can't apologize enough for my deep regret. Take Care everyone and I am going to do what I said from the beginning leave for the benefit of Yedda. I caused havic and just a huge mess in the last few days severely distracting people from what the site was truly about helping one another "People sharing Knowledge, support, love, and warmth". GoodBless and I wish you all well.




                 P.S. Looking forward to all the hate mail I will get on this one.

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I didn't know you did anything.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

To Dave: I can understand you being upset and mad at what I did but that is no reason to keep assaulting me. SO if you think you are some big dude come on try to sue me, take me to court lol. Just do something and stop talking about it already. I honestly did like you because I thought you were a pretty funny guy. I know now however there is a fine line between funny and an imbecile kay. All I have to say to you is I sent this thread to all I cared about and I obviously don't care about you. So blah blah blah keep talkin'  away and some people I have spoken with have no respect for you I told them to stop. I am sorry I did apparently I am not the only one out there tired of you taking a serious honest question and turning it into a joke. Go Figure! So keep proving your ignorance fine by me but please do one thing if you are going to keep talkin' please walk the walk to back it up or just stop. Sheesh! By golly it is enough already lol. I am not going to say much more to you because once more you are old enough to be my grandfather so I must have a little bit of respect in regards to this little issue between you and I. Which appears some don't. I try to be one of intregrity and in to stooping down to your level I lose that. Not going to happen pal try again.

Life's tough...Don't like it, change it. Can't change it? Change yourself!

You got some balls on you b*tch.....I never did  a bad thing to you---ever! , IN FACT...2 days  before you left, you posted ----"my birthday is in exactly two weeks, i will be 18" ...I went to the effort to make a note of it..( Corrines Birthday-March 10th)...And two weeks later i posted a 'happy birthday to corrine'....A number of members responded to it...And then all day sat.  And sun.-3/12 & 3/13....You went about stealing id's ...And posting crap!....I am the biggest fool ever!.. To think you where someone to care about!!....Any friends of yours ...Are no friends of mine!!!...Go f*ck yerself!!Yell ...B*tch!!!!!!

What?....Who?...Me?... .....What'd I do?..... Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of crap by the clean end.

You know I've already forgiven you. It doesn't even matter that much, was I upset about it? Yes. But I can forgive near anyone. I don't like to hate people, and you're no exception. Hate is just a waste of energy, and no matter what happened or didn't happen, or what you did or haven't done.  I'd rather leave on good terms, then have a bad memory festering in my head forever. So yes, you are forgiven, you know you're forgiven.

Bye Corrithia (Cornie) Rachelle.

I've never had much surety in my life. But then, it is surety that scares me. It is often men who are sure, so steady in their ideas, that are sure they can get away with crimes, or worse, are sure they are the right thing to do. So I will be unsure, and I will question my life, and I will in turn be better for it. EJ PianoSnots, and Shadow the Snotshepherd. Official 1 1/2 members of S.N.O.T.S!

Man, I hate all this stuff. I hate people fighting and stuff. It disturbs my normally peaceful equilibrium.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

Hi corrine/c.Rachel

I just came on here and seen your proffile....So i was curious...Then i laugh because it says corrine but on your compliments it says rachel.....I am really confused how you did it...

I just wanted to say thank you for sending me a personal apoligize......That was nice of you......The reason i was upset with you was because i was the one you started first attacking and did several times with my profile saying bad things about others.  I can get into enough trouble on my own and i have trying to behave myself so i really didn't need your help....Lol.....

Corrine,  i dont hate you...I hate no one except the devil

We are suppose to love one another...

I am the one that said your were 64.......I found you on search engine.....And that's all i got to say....Because i dont care what anyone's age is or how many people they are as long as they don't use my i.D.......( .Nanadee  or dee to friends.....) THAT UPSETS ME AND ALSO PEOPLE TRYING TO START TROUBLE BY SAYING I AM... A.......   Aka................Good luck to you  and if you need mental help,  please look into it....I like everyone on here..Dont always agree with everyone but i still like them..........Even dfrogpong and queenbee....Friend of frog.....Who ever who is on here is none of my business its yedda's until they abuse me.....

God bless

Nanadee  Cool

A penny saved is a penny earned

I believe this picture used for the logo is from National Geographic in 2005. I have a copy of it but it is labeled as XXXXXXXXXXXXX.jpg, meaning there is no identifying data on my file. I looked a few minutes at the NG site, but I could not find it. They did have some spectacular photos, however.


Gratitude as a discipline involves a conscious choice.....* Victims of circumstance owe it to fate. Victims of choice owe it to themselves.*One of the widest gaps in human experience is the gap between what we say we want to be and our willingness to discipline ourselves to get there.

Elijah, you are wise beyond your years. People three times your age have not figured out what you already know.

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