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One of my butt cheeks is smaller than the other one.

One butt cheek is smaller than the other one. I got a shot on one of them and ever since then, i've started to notice that one is smaller than the other. What do i do?

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For special occasions you may want to wear butt pads, or purchas jeans with butt pads already in them.

I don't know why but I know how you can correct this imbalance. You can either do exercises or go for a cosmetic surgery. You can try the Brazilian Butt Lift which targets all the muscle groups and help you to get the firmness.  If your butt looks saggy, flabby or dimpled, caused by loss of skin elasticity or shape due to weight loss, heredity, aging, hormonal changes or lack of exercise, then the Brazilian Butt Lift is the best option available to you. Check here, http://www.brazilianbutt.net

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