Any one tried mobile banking in Singapore?

Any one tried mobile banking in Singapore?

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I use the DBS mbanking app. I use it to pay bills, transfer funds, check acct balance, and locate ATMs! It's pretty convenient and easy to use..

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Which bank would be good for making and managing trade transactions? I

I bank with DBS, it is one of the leading banks in Asia. They will manage your trade transactions efficiently and improve your cash flow. For further information, visit their website.

I recently moved to Singapore and am looking for a trust-worthy bank for

I suggest you consult the people at DBS regarding their variety of investment management schemes here. They provide higher returns on the principal amount invested among other offerings as well.

Want an insurance….which bank to approach in Singapore?

You didn’t mention what type of insurance you are looking for i.e., personal, car insurance, personal insurance, home insurance, etc. Anyway there is a POSB bank in Singapore which offers different types of insurance plans, you can contact them to discuss this in more detail.

Which is your most preferred bank for credit card in Singapore?

What I know is that most of the people use the POSB credit card for their credit facilities in Singapore. I owe multiple credit cards of POSB Bank and they fulfill my requirements. You can contact them to apply for one.