One of Hollywood's Far-left Liberals SLITHERS-OUT from beneath it's ROCK to promote Obama's


One of Hollywood's Far-left Liberals SLITHERS-OUT from beneath it's ROCK to promote Obama's RE-ELECTION-BID !!!
[STUPID-IS-AS-STUPID-DOES] TOM HANKS , offers his services to the Obama Re-election campaign by narrating a propaganda film promoting Obama's nanny-state , cradle-to-grave entitlements for  his  gimme  gimme  gimme dependant class voting block !!  GEE WIZ , I wonder if Hank's will offer his services to present Obama's POLITICAL-EULOGY when voters give his IDOL-Obama his WALKING-PAPERS come Nov. 2012  ??


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While  the Democrats have hired Tom Hanks to narrate a Historic Film on the accomplishments of President Barrack Obama,the Republicans are trying to enlist Osama Bin Laden from beyond the grave,to narrate a  film as to why Barrack Obama does not fit the criteria to be President of this great Nation as espoused by Republicans and AlQaeda

Mr. Stupid Barack Obama ,

Fool-me-once , Shame-on-you !!!  Fool-me-twice , Shame-on-me  !!!
In the 3yrs. past , Pres.Obama has proven that he is an Anything-goes-Liberal-politician that now needs a DEPENDANT-CLASS-ELECTORATE in order to win RE-ELECTION !! The class-warfare battle the he's now waging is going to bring The ONSLAUGHT of this divide america  message and will be manifested thru the main stream liberal-media and liberal message movies & TV productions that are  going to be HEAPED upon us from now until the Nov. election just check the TV listings and MOVIES scheduled from now till then , his  INTENT is SO-OBVIOUS that IT'S-AS-STUPID-AS-HIS- MESSAGE-------------------------------------------------------------------NANNY-STATE , CRADLE-TO-GRAVE-ENTITLEMENTS

Though it probably won't happen. There's nothing that would bring me greater joy than to wake up on a cold November morning after an Obama loss and see the smiles wiped of the faces of all these damn liberal snobs.    

Last of the Mohicans

is the right now going to go after beloved Actor TOM HANKS?  that is about as dumb as Limbaugh taking on America's women and thinking HE would win that fight :)

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