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In the Bible, there is one and only one church with three aliases all built on Christ's death on the crossfor worshipping God in complete freedom from time and place; perpetually revealed "as he ...

That depends on what you define as "A Church" and what they teach. If you are thinking of any church that teach only their members can be saved, I might agree with the point . Consider Jesus answer when the woman at the well asked  the question of which place is the correct place to worship.

Most churches don't teach that membership in their particular church is required.  That is the whole point of "Grace"

You might find the book "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis helpful

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arbruce12, thank you for your answer. I have neither heard of nor seen any local church that professes Biblical standards. If they did, I wager that they will simply self-destruct in repentance for their disobedience to God's commandments. But that is not likely to happen. Or is it?

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