Can I use olive oil after its expiration date?

I have a sealed bottle of olive oil which expired a year ago. Can I still use it or is it too risky?

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Generally speaking , buy olive oil in amounts similar to what you use , so you will always have about half a year in stock...

To your question: Two years seems the upper limit of the recommended time after the oil was bottled. Please look at this site:

So you  will have to check the Manufacturer’s Date Packaged (DP)

It is not advisable to use any food or pharmaceutical product after its expiry date.

"The time has come" the walrus said "to speak of many things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax. Of cabbages and kings. And why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings."

Olive oil is good for aprox 2 years ,after that time, the oil will have passed its prime and should be used as quickly as possible.

If you keep it in a plastic container oil can leach noxious substances, such as PVCs, out of the plastic and into the oil. Containers need to have a cap or lid for tight resealing to keep out unwanted air. You should use tinted glass (to keep out light) or a non-reactive metal such as stainless steel.

despite everyone elses concerns that using expired oil is bad, i've never had a problem with it and never had any complaints about the food i've cooked with it. so i say go for it 


What comes around goes around.

Most companies now label their olive oil with "best by" dates. But as a general rule, the North American Olive Oil Association says olive oil should be consumed within about year from its purchase date. Always store olive oil in a cool, dark place.

Most vegetable oils will keep six months to a year. Seed and nuts oils are best within six months

that is why there's an expiration so you must not used it becouse it is expired

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