Olga Kurylenko the real Bond Girl

Who's going to be the next Bond Girl? I thought it was supposed to be Gemma Arterton, but now the rumors say Olga Kurylenko will have a more significant role. Will one be the almost Bond and the other the real one?

 Olga Kurylenko the real Bond Girl

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Isn't there usually a dual love interest?

One lady is close to getting Bond, and is almost one of the "good guys" and the other is actually more of a good person, and is either saved by Bond or in the later more PC movies, actually has a story line where she saves herself and him (but still succumbs in his arms at the end of the feature). 

There have been many "Bond" girls over the decades of this series but would have to say that Olga is possesses the right stuff to be counted among them.

I think Olga Kurylenko did pretty good in the last movie. Would be nice to see her in the next one.

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She's a very beutiful girl. Here's some more photos off her.. Hot pictures of Olga Kurylenko

where is my answer? I can not see the pic!

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