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My Oldest Daughter is 24 i've barely heard from ...

My Oldest Daughter is 24 i've barely heard from her. She moved out of state and is getting ready to elope with her boyfriend of going on 2 years. I was a single mom with her and althought she is a good girl. She has taken away the honor of me seeing her get married.i cant afford to drive to Alabama where she lives. I am so upset and sad I cant talk to her unless we argue. I cry about it and I cant even talk about it without crying. She doesnt call home. Everytime I talk to her it is all about her and her needs. I feel abandoned and sad. What can I do to make this better?

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It actually sounds like it's all about you and your needs. Which is probably why she moved out. Her and her boyfriend obviously live in Alabama and you think it's wrong for them to get married there. She should come to where you are and the heck with all of their friends and guests and the groom's family and friends. It's all about you!!!

You are very immature for someone with a 24 year old daughter. You need some self help.

I read carefully your question and I came to the conclusion that you won't be able to solve the problem by yourself.  So, if you really want to "normalize" the relations with her you need a 3rd party to do the negotioations.  It MUST be someone that both of you trusts.   Go for it, you cant leave it as it is !. 

Love is the battery of life....

Thank you OronD. I am seeing someone now. Thank you for the advice.

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