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My fiance has brought his 11 year old lab to live with me and my cocker. With it, my, once neat and clean home, has now become a zoo, or that's what it feels like. She sheds profusely and constantly, along with a good amount of dander. She continually is having accidents. She has been here for some time, so it has nothing to do with a new home. I believe it's her age, as she is just turning 12. My rugs and hardwood floors are being ruined and I take pride in my home. I don't know whether a crate while we are away, which isn't often, and while we are asleep will help. If she is unable to control herself, I don't know if a crate will make a difference. She'll just end up having it all over her. She isn't given too much water to drink, as she would drink until she blew up, just as she does with food. I'm used to my 11 year cocker who doesn't have accidents, nor does he shed much. If anyone has any suggestions as to what to do, I would love to hear. I live in a renovated old home and now I have to pull my carpet up and expose the hardwood floors that have probably been damaged with that constant wet underlay. HELP!

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Have you had the vet check her out to make sure she doesn't have a UTI? If not, I would try the diapers they use for females in heat. Just limit her water when you're about to leave and use a feminine napkin to catch any accidents.

Thanks. Yes, we did have her tested once before for a UTI and it came out negative. I think there is a thin line between the right amount of water and not enough. I think she just doesn't have the control, so the diapers are a good idea.

Thanks again.

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It is most likely the age or a sickness as my one dog had diabetis and was having accidents.You can try training with dog pads which are indoor protection sold at any store.Bring them outside with pad and when they need go inside will use pad.Also by a spot cleaner handy vac that is handheld and sucks out the stains to protect your home.All will help try these tips.The dog may not be able to control it for the many reasons.

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