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How old is my cuckoo clock?

I am trying to determine the age of a cuckoo clock i have and would like to know if it's a Black Forest clock. This is what is on the works of the clock........Regula, E. Schmeckenbecher, 20, GM 1705294, gueissaz 278 There is also a sticker that says Blue DanubeGuissaz 278

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Your  clock was made by E. Schmeckenbecker with a regula clock movement, in Feb 1978. Regula was and is still considered a top of the line works. Schmeckenbecker went out of business in the 1980's. Regula still make clock works and parts are plentyful

Most cuckoo clocks with a German name  are Black Forrest.  Without a picture of works it is very difficult to date a clock any clock.  Because the main plate structure remained the same for years, just the gear train changed.  Either extra gears were added or levers were add or substracted. The Blue Danube thing is what the music box plays That number thing is the number of pins in the music cylinder.   ARE there 3 weights?   and what size?   Are the weights hand size or are they big and weight about 3 pounds.  If they are that big it is an 8 day wind.  The small one are 30 hr wind. Wind every day.  What type of cooko bird does it have.??  When it strikes and bird come out does wings move?  Is the color of bird look faded?    With out seeing the insides I would guess 1950's.  klok dok 

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