Okay, tell me the difference between Obama, Bush and Romney ?

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Dear Jim;

Good question. Bush did have a more proactive administration, where there were jobs, and the econimy was kept stable. People had more confidence in him, so maybe he came off as honest for a pol. Later findings show reason to think otherwise, and a warrent for his arrest in Switzerland is not helpful for him.

Romney speaks a good speech, but does he really have a good idea what we are dealing with? Can he legally reverse the damage Obama's administration has done? Is he able to deal with a diverse staff and Congress, without his ideology getting in the way?

Obama? Machiel said it right at the inagiration; "Now we well show them!" They have, as the economy downsings, oil drilling is haphazard, as our dealings with Canada on the Souther Pipe Line, and a medicare want to be bill is being pushed down our throughts.

Main diference is that Bush and Romney have respect for G-d, USA, her people and the Constitution, Obama has shown the opposite. 

Even if there is no difference between them, as such, the one who stands by the Contitution and the Law of the Land is the one I vote for.

(How is it legal to have a social security number from a state you never even lived in, was born in, or went to school in? Which brings up one more point; under Bush, no judge violated law or Constitutioin. When the illegal ss# issue came before the Supreme Court, the judge dismissed it, saying that he is the President; he can do whatever he wants.

Jim, no one including the President, has the right to piss on our Constitution, then say it is only rain. So vote for whomever you want, but carry an umbrella, if it is for Obama.



Shalom-Peace-is the process; Ahave-love-the result

I won't vote for Obama because I can cleary see he is full of baloney. But I don't see Romney being much different. I Hope I'm wrong. For my daughters sake.  

Last of the Mohicans

anyone not in the top 1% and votes republican sure as hell hasn't done their homework.....or relies on fox...





Is, was, and wannabe.

0 is half black, the other two aren't.

Is this sufficient?

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