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So you admit it , you're a proud bagger , btw way no liberal would be caught dead within ten feet of your sour smelling ass , you keep calling your momma a liberal though .

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Bob Suffolk Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Apparently, Tadpole-faux is still in a indless frenzy.  What a pity that your frenzy will put you in the hospital with a stroke.


Then, once Obamacaree kicks in, your "nurse" will put a lethal injection in your IV and there ends the medical bill.


It happened beforer.  Obamacare is modeled DIRECTLY after Hitler's euthanasia scheme.


The clock is ticking down and the grim reaper is waiting.  You may thank Obama that he got you 25 years early.

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Rocmike aka American Patriot. not bad today. I have seen only 1 post under Bill, a little over an hour under Bob Suffolk, A few anonymous posts that by the way post the same as your other aliases. I am pretty sure you have introduced us to a new alias Brian. Time will tell.

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