Octomom Nadya Suleman Strips For $5,000 At Florida Nightclub

What is your take?Octomom Nadya Suleman Strips For $5,000 At Florida NightclubGetty Images

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Obama likes octmom 8 more liberals looking for a hand out

Liberals:If you stop telling lies about conservitives we will stop telling the truth about you ! The pen is mightier than the sword, unless you're actually in a sword fight!

omgg is she perform on any website? :D

Who cares?  As long as shes paying for her own children I say go for it girl.

How many strippers are there in Florida?  It sounds like a publicity stunt to me.  Maybe she wants sympathy too.

If she comes up here she can work the other side of the street from us.  If she is into publicity that makes her too hot for us to handle.  Lots of girls here practice the trade but they have to be discreet about it or the cops just haul them in.

That sort of publicity doesn't help a working girl.

Wild women don't get the blues. Once you have tasted freedom, there is nothing sweeter. Get in between a Kodiak mother bear and her cub, or between an Alaskan and her freedom, and you will have the same problem.

There are exhibitionists among us and they make the worst parents imaginable.  So with prostitutes and gays.  Sex is about all that these people have going for them.  Eventually we find that sex is a mundane if not mediocre aspect of life.

Children need the support of morally acceptable people, not people like that.

Solace and love are contagious: this is one condition you WANT to catch!

I think she went to strip cause she wanted money to save her childrens she has more childrens and i don't think she would even strip at a club without telling her kids she didn't have the confidence to she wants them not to know 

$5,000 At Florida Nightclub and woah strips at a florida night club for 5,000 dollars she probably wanted money to be rich a thousandaire
HI EVERYONE JUST CAME BACK ON 9/24/12 just checking in on whats new nothing?

That must have been a big draw for the guys with a fetish for stretch marks.

First she wanted children, now she wants to strip to support these children.  I think she just wanted a reason to strip, which she should have done it without the children.  I also think she just got bored with being a mother and was looking for a more exciting life.  I can't see how anyone can actually take her seriously. 

Nevertheless, I do hope her children grow up with a desire for a better life.

"Taken from the movie "Titanic" "A woman dies with many secrets in her heart"

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