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Obsession for my boyfriend

My boyfriend and I, we are for 3 years together, everything was going ok till few months ago when he radically changed. He became aggressive, he feels superior to me...he told me a lot of bad things and i stil can't let him go...maybe i've got an obsession for him...i don't really know what shall i do?

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It is time to say goodbye.  If after 3 years that is what you get you MUST understand that it is the end (unless you want to be miserable to the rest of your life).  Say a nice goodbye and close the door tightly behind you.  It won't be easy (in fact it will be VERY hard) but it is a must !.  This man id not for you.  I know what you feel and what you are afraid of.  You can believe that all your dreams and hopes will vanish, but that is the truth.  You also feel that you invested 3 years of your life and that is not fair and you deserve more.  But life is not always a garden of roses.  This relation is over, you have to realize it.  This man is not for you.   Open your heart to a new love.  The sooner you do it the better it will be.   Don't let that past event ruin your bright future. 

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He cheated on you and now he's ragging you to make you feel bad so you won't find out he's a sleazeball. Dump him. Dump him now.

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I'm not going to say that he has cheated on you, however I will say to you like I say to all my emailer with similar issues.

We tends to draw to us from our on vibes, in other words a person only do to us what we let them do, no more no less... Now somewhere in your mind you feel that you have to have this man cause you love him.. This maybe however baby girl you really need to think hard about what you are going through. I suggest that you try having a talking with him and if that don't work, try having a personal talk with yourself and ask yourself is that the way you wants to be treated?


I believe you do know very well what you should do, but you just don't want to do it! Imagine yourself with this man 10 years from now... maybe you will not recognize you then!

With OronD, I encourage you to leave him. However, ff you want to help him, encourage him to seek counseling to find out why he changed so much. He must be dealing with so much inside. However, you do not have to stay with him until he changes because the change is not guaranteed especially if he doesn't see that he has a problem. You must leave him at least until he really changes.

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