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Tell me and we'll both know.  The doctor here got a copy of that monstrosity and just about passed out.  He said he never saw anything quite that complicated in his life.

The State of Texas looked it over and they couldn't figure it out either.  I can't think of anyone who can make head or tail out of it.

If you can't understand it, you don't want to agree to it. 

Be as fearless as a Rodeo Clown.
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Rocmike what happened you are starting your posting marathon late today with Terrance Hill. I hope you still have time to get your 16 hours of posting in going to old questions and answers repeating the same thing over and over under many aliases.

Dr. Kelly Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Terrance, your doctor is not the only one to have swooned at the thought of this megalomaniac disaster.  I have yet to meet a physician who approved of it -- because it so severely rations medical care and allows people to die if they do not fit a specific political and racial profile.


If it seems like an unnerving throwback to the racist program of Idi Amin Dada in Uganda, then your frightening analysis is correct.

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Rocmike I am truly impressed. Only 4 hours of posting under Southern, Dr. Kelly and Anonymous. It was almost like you haven't posted today. I hope you found a hobby or something else to keep you busy. You will find that life isn't that bad and you may come away with a better outlook.

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