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What do you think of Barack Obama's presidency so far? Has he lived up to your expectations?

Newt Gingrich is standing by his criticism of the Obama administration in the wake of the attempted Christmas Day terror attack, saying Monday he believes the Justice Department is more concerned with the rights of terrorists than those of Americans.
"I believe what you have is a group of people centered in the Justice Department and the Attorney General, whose law firms all gave pro bono support to terrorism," the former House Speaker told Fox News host Bill O'Reilly Monday. "They start every day with a presumption that the rights of terrorists are more important than the lives of Americans."
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How would Newt know what is going on in the Obama admin? Its easy to be on the outside looking in and claim to know.

I just saw on MSNBC that the father of that Christmas day terrorist went to the CIA station and reported that his son might be doing some radical activities. That agent then reported it to the proper authorities and because they get so much information, they could not pin point EXACTLY what the problem was. The system that is in place TODAY is the same system that was in place during the Bush admin, which even then, didn't stop America from being attacked. So, your point is?



They could have pinpointed it if they had of paid attention.

It might be that Obama's past Cocaine use has clouded his judgement.



The terrorists got through on Bush's watch due to the intel Clinton left him.



The Christmas day terrorist's FATHER even warned Obama.

Obama failed.



1. Oh, so you are saying Bush could have known if he was paying attention and not getting drunk all the time? They are using the same systme and it was said the system (system of connecting the dots) they use should be updated. This SAME SYSTEM did not prevent the 9/11 attacks...which means 2 different admin was effected  by this faulty system.

2. The terrorists got thru on Bush watch because of the faulty system. Clinton had nothing to do with it. If that is the case then regardless of what went on during Clinton admin, Bush still should have been on alert...he knew they were coming

3. The father notified CIA who was stationed nearby and that CIA agent notified proper authorities. Anyone just can't call up the president. You and I can't...what makes you think someone in another country can if they are not a president or Queen Elizabeth or someone like that. DUH. And even they go through certain channels to get to the president.

4. The president isn't denying that this happened, neither is he denying its someone's fault in his admin...but he didn't do it. Each person working for him has a specified job to do. Now, I will say that I think someone dropped the ball and it should cost them their job for putting the country in danger and if the president doesn't hold anyone accountable, I will be disappointed. Unless he tells us why...




Your accusing Bush of being drunk all the time shows your obvious ignorance and lack of anything else to use as refutation. I see no reason to debate this with you if you are going to act like that.

next5492 Thinks this answer is Helpful:

You have no room to put down Dawg. He is one of the most inteligent people on this blog, where you are showing, denial, and rebutal for your precious obama bin laddin.

And you say that Bush can't blame Clinton, then why is obama bin laddin, trying to blame Bush every day for oboma's own failed actions? why can't he own up to his own mistakes? and the lies he is telling all of U.S. and his supposed, transparency policy, that is just making it so obvious that he is lieing, with all the secret meetings. What a freaking joke, oboma bin laddin has cost the U.S. more $$$,$$$.$$ than any other president in our history, and is causing more problems than anyone in history ever, that our kids and their kids, kids, for generations to come will never be able to get out from under, as he is destroying U.S. from the inside out, just like Osama Bin Laddin, wanted him to, Osama even told his son thats what he wanted, that is his hatred dream for U.S., and we helped make it come true, by electing this mistake we have in the white house right now, and its only getting worse and worse.  

But yet to some of you he or his admin can do no wrong. bullsh_t!!!                  


good luck getting through to him Next, he is only here to harass me.

A Brown Thinks this answer is Helpful:

frog, I mentioned when you also gave me a not helpful that we have have instigators on here before and it was uncalled for. You are not in this discussion as I can see, so please speak when your name is brought up and leave the argument to the parties that are involved. You just have to try to show your wisdom, and all you are showing is your stupidity.Please hold your tongue unless someone calls for your help. Right now it is not needed.


Dawg, you know who is at it again - after being repeatedly thrown off the other website. Has no interest in doing anything but blaming bush and threatening anyone posting anything about obama, the drama queen as a RADICAL MUSLIM TERRORIST SYMPATHIZER.

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