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Obama's screwup 2,999 of 6,000 . . .. First Published Jul 21 2012 01:01 am • Last Updated Jul 21 2012 07:48 pm Operation Fast and Furious is the name of a federal firearms trafficking ...

It would be truly challenging to keep an accurate record of all Obama's ridiculous and unlawful blunders. 

Obama claimed to have a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard but Harvard has no record that he even applied.  A JD would know the law far better than Obama so that explains why he was absolutely incompetent in everything he ever attempted. 

That also explains most of his dismal failures and why so few people still support him -- unless they are on his payroll or that of Soros' mafia organization.

Obalmy's lackeys have done a great jiob of intimidation and sabotage but these are Class-A frelonies just like everything else the incompetent obama ever did.

That is why no one respects Obama in any way -- not even his staff.

Distrust that government that will not trust you.
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Looks like Rocmike aka American Patriot is starting today's posting marathon off with over 3 hours of Mike Dudley and followed by Dave Palmer with over 2 hours, then Bernard McCaunahy with over 3 hours and Dfrogpong. We are in store for the next 6 hours of different aliases repeating the same thing over and over. It will waste its life going to old questions and answers. It will also throw in some anonymous posts. Can't wait to see the aliases Rocmike has chosen today.

Bill Compton Thinks this answer is Helpful:

The Department of Justice will have the comprehensive list, and it will be longer than the entire archives of the Vatican and United Nations combined -- just in summary.


Can you imagine anyone so bigoted as to side with such an incompetent as Obama, regardless his dismal track record?  Hate has no bounds in irrational bigots, therefore that explains all of Obama's bigots.

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Rocmike today alone you have posted under Terrance Hall, Dave Palmer, Anonymous and now Bill. It is still early for you so we are in store for hours and hours of your aliases repeating the same crap over and over. Rocmike has now switched back to Dave Palmer, back to Bill and is now posting under Bob Suffolk. This gas easily been a 16 hour posting day. GET A LIFE. 

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