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Defrogpond, how long have you suffered your delusions about the late Rocmike3?  He died over a year ago.  I realize that he turned down one of your unseemly prostitute come-ons and you have been aflame with rage ever since, but why do you continue to embarrass yourself with your ridiculous delusions?

If you must suffer your delusions, suffer them privately.  We adults would like to carry on a conversation without you throwing your sort of childish leftist temper tantrums.  Obviously, there is a net site for persons who are prematurely senile, and you would be welcome there among all those other sympathy seeking leftists.

The thing is, hatemongers like you are not welcome here, regardless how childishly you act with all your bitter tantrums.

Guard, protect and cherish your land, for there is no afterlife for a place that started out as Heaven. Charles M. Russell, Montana, 1929.
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Rocmike you claimed you died 17 months ago from complications from the nuclear reactor accident in Japan. that would make it last March. the first deaths didn't happen till May. how is this possible?
Japan Nuclear Crisis: Worker At Damaged Power Plant Dies

05/14/11 12:04 PM ET TOKYO — A man died on his second day of work at Japan's tsunami-wrecked nuclear power plant Saturday, and the plant operator said harmful levels of radiation were not detected in his body.
The contract worker in his 60s was the first person to die at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant in northeastern Japan since March 11, when an earthquake and tsunami damaged the facility and caused fires, explosions and radiation leaks in the world's second-worst nuclear accident.
The worker was carrying equipment when he collapsed and died later in a hospital, said Naoyuki Matsumoto, spokesman for Tokyo Electric Power Co. The company does not know the cause of his death, Matsumoto said.
The man had been wearing a radiation protection suit, mask and gloves while working at the plant's waste disposal building, which stores radioactive-contaminated water that has leaked from the tsunami-crippled reactors.
Kyodo News agency reported the man had no apparent injuries and a second worker nearby had no ill health effects.
Two Fukushima workers had died from the tsunami itself, when waves swept into the plant and heavily damaged buildings and equipment. TEPCO said those workers, both in their early 20s, were found in the basement of a turbine building.
The quake and tsunami are believed to have killed more than 24,500 people. Police said Friday that 15,019 were dead and 9,506 were still listed as missing.
Radiation leaks at the Fukushima plant have forced 80,000 people living within a 12-mile (20-kilometer) radius of the nuclear facility to leave their homes for an indefinite time.
The nuclear crisis prompted the government to evaluate all of Japan's 54 reactors for quake and tsunami vulnerability, and Prime Minister Naoto Kan asked that one plant in central Japan halt operations while its defenses were improved

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Yo, Bll, Tadpole ain't playing with a full deck: she worships Obatso cause Obatso is a Muslim whore monger and drug addict.


No wonder people with brains can't respect Obama or his frenzied racist fools.  Talk about anti American and just plain worthless.

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