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It would be hard for Rocmike to post non stop every day and waste it's sad pathetic life if it didn't repeat the same crap over and over. The only questions left are does Rocmike really believe it is dead and does it think it's aliases are real?

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Leagle Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Defrogpond, have you always had this disabling obsession with the late Rocmike3?  Perhaps a counselor could help you get over your obsession.

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Rocmike you are not dead and everyone knows it. You are an idiot.

Leagle Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Defrogpond, my name is Edwin Carter.  I am an attorney.  I believe Rocmike3 was a scientist.  While I do not claim the intelligence necessary to function as a scientist, I do have enough intellect to muddle along as their patent attorney.  Without me, they get nothing done.


Pray tell, what do you do for a living?  Certainly not much, owing to your near constant posting on AOL Answers under hundreds of very obvious screen names.


One thing that attorneys never commit is fraud.  It could cost us our licenses, and worse, it could compromise the case of persons we represent.  I will never resort to such as it is so foolish to do so.  Would that I could say so of you.


So, who do you represent besides Obama, due to be replaced this November?  If you are the best representative counsel he can find, then it is best that he functions only as a rubber stamp as at present.


Passion and ignorance are a dangerous combination.  It is clear that you, defrogpond, suffer both to a grievous extreme.

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Rocmike it is obvious by reading your posts you are not an attorney. You need help. You can't claim to be a successful fake attorney because you wouldn't be putting in hours and hours of blogging if you were. Just like your fake doctors, scientist and every other fake profession you claim to be. Rocmike why does your fake attorney alias sound like the rest of your aliases?

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