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beardog 1

In Iraq  several churches were destroyed  by Bush and schools too.

Over a million children were killed . They never counted those over 6  an they quit counting on a certain date  because there were TOO many .


And who told you this? And Bush did it? Don't thank him for action after 9-11 just find rumors to blame on him. He didn't tell anybody to kill children or burn churches, but if the enemy hide in them and fire at our guys then yes they will shoot back. Get your facts stright.

beardog 1

Read the Geneva Convention rules of war article 3 (trespassing where not wanted , the murder  of innocent civilians  the abuse and torture of those held captive  ). Plus the propaganda to keep it all going. 

beardog 1

 Iraq was no threat to us . The war was RIGGED --wasnt it ?

beardog 1

Lay the bodies at his feet and jam all of the hardships and misery down his lying throat . We defined ourselves at  NUREMBERG .

beardog 1

 The soldiers of war 2  have died in vain.They opposed trespassing where not wanted , the murder of innocent civilians the abuse and torture of those held captive and the propaganda  to keep it all  going  Bush   violated  our  agreements and standards .  DIDNT HE ?

beardog 1

BUSH  and his  GOONS rigged the WAR .


Fools  support him   but he hides--=DONT HE ?

beardog 1

  GITMO and Abu GRAHAB  is renough to make any decent america  PUKE 


Bush failed to protect the citizens in Iraq,  Saddam after his capture,  those held prisoner   , our own troops and the  sick, the poor and the elderly in the USA.  Our soldiers died in VAIN

beardog 1

 Bush went looking for WMDS..   Fools   claim he did it for Democracy.  Democracy  was poisoned in Florida Dec 2000  when  the war mongering  bloodsuckers   rigged the election .

beardog 1

PS  Who burned the DIVIDIANS out  of their church ?

Freeh was at Ruby Ridge and WACO 

He rigged  the jury and altered the photos --Caught at it .

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