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I find it difficult to understand Obama refused to support the public uprising in Iran last year but he did not hesitate to tell Israel to stop building settlements thereby taking sides in that ...

King Obama looking for radiation on the golf courses of America.

  Obama Hits The Links As Japan Faces Meltdown obama golf personal

I don't wish to be argumentative ,but I disagree with the Islamic belief that I should be killed! " If radical atheists decided they needed to kill believers to ensure their place in nothingness, I'd be criticizing that too."
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Most of us have to reserve a time to play a golf course but Obama gets one anytime he wants to get away from a crisis.




 The fool is now going to run to Brazil



Muslims  are  forbiddeen by  Islamic   Law,  as  are  Christians  and   Any  Moral  Peoples,  from  killing  Anyone  except   Invaders.  What  in the  world  aere we doing in the  Middle  East,  controlling  politics,  regimes?  We  never  did that in our  long history,  until  Post  WW  II:  Our  Financial  interests/investments.

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