What do you think about Obama giving away our ...

What do you think about Obama giving away our secrets in interegation techniques and will it put our cia agents as well as our soldiers in more danger?

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How do you figure? If I was a terrorist who has just been captured I know now to shut my mouth because I know the wussie administration will not really harm me. I would laugh at you.

USMC providing the enemy an opportunity to die for their country since 1775

Just another poor republican response, from the sore loser party. Give the new administration a chance. Things can't turn around in a few months. The right wing seem so desperate these days.

I never said I was right wing. And as far as sore looser party goes, I never thought it was game of wineers and losers. Its all about keeping this country great and keeping it safe. Do you think sleeping with the enemy so to speak is gonna get us any where.....No they still want to kill us.

USMC providing the enemy an opportunity to die for their country since 1775

I think living in constant fear is dangerous for us as a people, dangerous for our image abroad, and just not healthy. That being said, I don't believe ANYONE is sleeping with the enemy. I think the truth most of the time lies somewhere in the middle. Different tactics might produce more positive results.

My point is not to live in constant fear but know that fear prepares you. I do not want to get caught off guard because of us gett compliant. While the "savior" is out making friends with our enemies our enemies are sizing us up as soft. N. Korea tests long range missles and what does Obama do?.....He cuts the missle defense spending. If thats not dum I dont know what is.

USMC providing the enemy an opportunity to die for their country since 1775

Maybe they know more than we do? Just a thought.

The way we wring secrets out of the enemy ain't by making captives suffer.  We listen in on their radio traffic and have spy satellites looking at 'em 24-7.

We don't have to crack POW's.  We handle 'em with kid gloves, so that way when we let 'em go they go back and tell what happened.

Afghans and Iraqis been surrendering lately cause we treat 'em better than their people do.

Now, if you got a real trouble maker, yeah, make him suffer real bad at Gitmo, like the International Court said to treat 'em.

Either that or they ride 50cc Vespas and Americans ride Big Twins.

Be a real man or a real woman. Either way forgive those that will meet you half way and those that won't get to learn street law -- the hard way.

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