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Obama 'disrespected' Israel, threw it 'under the bus President Obama "disrespected" Israel and threw it "under the bus" in a wide-ranging speech on the Middle East on Thursday, GOP ...

Yes he most assuredly did and he has done since he was elected.

Every policy in the Middle East he has embraced has been anti-Israel along with anti- American.

Israel only had an 8% believing in Obama but it went down to 4%.

For Obama to request going back to 1967 borders is as obsurd as I have said in the past for America to give back all the lands it won in wars, take a look at what that would leave us.

Obamas' Middle East policy is a farce and just listen to those in the know experts on the Middle East and they will tell you.

As I predicted in the past Obamas' goal has been to sacrifice Israel for whatever reason, be it to satisfy his Muslim brothers or thinking it will bring peace to America.  I believe it has been to satisfy his Muslim brothers.  To give the entire Middle East to extremists and insure the demise of Israel.

Look and see what is happening right now.  It does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Lady Darko

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AP amen again and again.  In fact it was Egypt, the United Arab Republic, Jordan and Syria that made that surprise attack on Israel in 1967 known as the 6Day War.

Israel quickly squelched it and won control of the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, the West Bank and East jerusalem from Jordan and the Golan Heights from Syria.

Fair and Square and noway in Hell should they give it back.  Again I say you think America gonna give Texas, Arizona, Colorado etc back to Mexico?  Hell no.

Obama will pay wait and see.  Plus my prediction is before April of next year he will be Impeached.

Lady Darko


PSS AP just had someone admit they erased 16 comments on one of my blogs.

I turned them in.

Lady Darko


I haven't heard anything about it..Some one accused me of delete other peoples comments...I which I knew how..I know is you delete an answer all comments are deleted.


He posted as annonymous.  He follows me along with jerome whom I refuse to answer again.  I hope Yedda looks into it.

I know so many of the answers or responses to my posts just disappear here today gone next.

Keep up your good work.  Love the things happening to Obama on this vacation.  Can you imagine Bush having taken a vacation during Katrina?  OY VEY or Bush making the fool of himself the way Obama did with the toast to the queen. 

Can hardly wait til this menace is gone.

Lady Darko


LOLOL responses funny.

Lady Darko

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