Does Obama deserve a second term?

Does Obama deserve a second term?

What do you think?

Does Obama deserve a second term?Sean Gallup, Getty Image

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What?....Who?...Me?... .....What'd I do?..... Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of crap by the clean end.

My question is -- is four years enough to make changes when there were problems to begin with? It is hard to judge, and it seems we don't like ANYBODY who's in office. I just keep wondering, who better??? So I think he deserves another term because he may do better. 


The nature of anything can be known from the universal laws of nature! You will never know anything whose nature cannot be known from the universal laws of nature. - Theory of sivashanmugam at

I have not yet decided yet, given the fact that two years is far too little to judge a President, no matter who is in office. His first two years in office have left a lot to be desired.

"I never learned anything when I was talking." Larry King

Wake- Up America and read the book the Lorax by Dr. Suess! The country needs solutions to bring back manufacturing jobs.  That will take true finesse since corporations shipped over seas to India, China, and Korea to avoid industry Regulations, minimum wage, and health insurance.  Like the book says, “I’m figgering on biggering and Biggering and Biggering…”  All this added up to huge profits in the manufacturing sector and less jobs in America.  This starts with every America buying local from clothes to food. By the way the problem with the economy did not happen over night and it is an intricately woven web of issues revolving around energy (oil/ solar/ nuclear/ coal), real estate, banking, medical, education, lawyers, auto, manufacturing and the insurance industries, oh, and I almost forgot the military complex.  In the past fifty years, Republicans have been in Presidential Power 66% percent of the time to Democrats 33%.  That is Republicans twice as much, with Congress being controlled by Republicans for a majority of the time too.  The only time in the last 30 years that budget deficit growth was halted was under a Democratic President.  Republicans lead the pack with giving away American money to everyone, especially overseas.  Yes, I want to see President Obama continue the American agenda to create jobs in the energy sector, help education, reign in control of banks and medical costs, stop sending funding over seas, and inspire manufacturing jobs in America. 

President Obama has been in office for not even two years. Two years to clean up the MESS that Bush and his cronies left of this country. From "day one", the Republicans had a plan to try to ruin his Presidency by voting "NO" on everything--while coming up with NO ideas or solutions of their own, and refusing to work together to compromise. In all of my years I have NEVER seen anything like what has been going on in this country (with the effigies, the pictures of the President as Hitler, etc.) SINCE the Civil Rights struggle! I KNOW for a fact that a lot of this is just prejudice. He's NOT one of the "clicque" that elected Bush! Since the elections were "fixed" in 2000 (and I believe 2004 as well) the "people" did NOT get a chance to speak in this country. Gore WON by 500,000 votes, but it was taken away from him. Yet...there are Republicans pushing someone like Sarah Palin, simply on her "beauty" I guess--because she SURE doesn't have any brains!! "ddave", where is Sarah Palin's "...skills, proven track record..." that you are asking for???  There are over 400 bills PASSED by the House that Repubs REFUSE to vote on in the Senate. There are literally 100's of appointments to positions (which the President has nominated) that they refuse vote on or appoint! DO YOU SEE A TRACK RECORD HERE??? Open your eyes, ya'll!! Do you see what is REALLY happening?? This is YEARS of outsourcing jobs (starting with Reagan!), YEARS of lying to the American people (like Bush and Cheney and the "war in Iraq") years of big corporations controlling America (watch  Wendall Potter talking to Micheal Moore about how BIG HEALTH INSURANCE AGENCIES lie to and rip off America at: )  AMERICA...wake up before it is too late!! There is methane bubbling up now because of global warming (see:  )  Open your eyes! LISTEN to the NEWS (other than Fox for goodness sakes)! READ LOTS of information! Open your minds! This country needs help, more so than just one President can do ALONE!! Give him some REAL help and support, we are in dire straights right now! He was DULY elected by the American people, he STILL has two years in office that we CANNOT AFFORD TO WASTE! No matter who gets in next time, we still need to work TOGETHER to solve these terrible problems in America! And if you ask me, on the jobs question--we need a plan like Roosevelt had, to put people in JOBS NOW!

No, I don't believe Obama should be voted into office for a second term. He has not followed through on many of his campaign promises, including cutting the unemployment rate. Instead of showing the world that we are a world power, he has been submissive in every way to the Iran nuclear threat. I think he should step aside and let someone else take the reigns.

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