Obama:"Were Broke!"...Where Did The 25 G's Come From To Take The Old Lady Out Hussien?

Toady Gibbs refuses to give outline of the costs for the Obama "date"? If Obama paid for it out of their pocket that is fine! But if they went on the American peoples dime, they need to give a full accounting!

The audacity of this excuse for a leader, when people are loosing their jobs and way of life to hop on an Air Force plane and drop $25,000 in one night!

Inexcusable! This is the man who just stated last week that referring to the United  States,"Were broke!"

Well. if were broke where did we get the $25,000 for you to take the wife on a date?

Do you have any idea what $25,000 would do for a family out of work? And, you blow it in ONE night!

This proves that Obama is an elitist, is COMPLETELY out of touch with the American people, and basically does not give ONE DAMN!

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Obummer  will apologize to other countries about how we're out of touch with the reality of the rest  of the world  and then he does this.

Sure, he's not the first and not the last to take a flight somewhere, but for a night date? Usually it's for a vacation back to their regular home, which is part  of the job.


But, probably a lot of people  looked at this "star" (because he's more of a star than a president), oohed, aahed, and were as happy to get a glimpse of him as they'd feel happy to get a glimpse of Paris Hilton.

In New York City - at the very same time - Prince William of the United Kingdom of Great Britain - was visiting Ground Zero - hanging a wreath - in memory of the Americans and people who lost their lives in the 9-11 Terrorist attack on the WTC in New York City.

Obama is a MADMAN - to snub the Prince - in lieu of "date night" with his wife - Moose Obama, the fashion maven - who was a raving lunatic when she found out about Obama's girlfriend Vera Baker.

I believe Obama and his wife Moose intend to create outrage - that is what racists do - particularly from the Black Liberation Religion of Rev Jeremiah Wright.

The money spent on the flyover - secret mission for a photo-op of Air Force One with trailing fighter jets - to remind everyone of the terrorist attacks on 9-11 - is another game of the Obama Administration - as a radical Muslim posing as a Christian.

Whatever it Takes.

He is intirely out of reality.To go to press and say that he knows how people feel when they are out of work and can't pay utilities or rent is being a hypocrite.His new saying should be "Do as  say,not as I do", he lives up to the hollywood way of life better than the good changes he promised when campaigning. Lordy be, have mercy on him, because "what goes around comes around".

Your direction,not your intention,determines your destination

I just read an article on the narcissism of Obama, and this fits right into it.  He feels deserving of this type of treatment by the taxpayer, and loves the attention gained by anything he does, and it should all be just fine with all of us because it is just fine with him. Thats the life of an elitist, where anything should be available to them on a whim, no expense to be spared.  This date was "to keep a campaign promise" to MO.   Hmmmm, I wonder what happened to all of the other campaign promises that he made that so many voters listened to (not the blind followers of course) and remember.  Those promises seem to have been forgotten about by Obama, most likely immediately after they came spewing out of his mouth.  Obama is without a doubt, the most hypocritical president in history, for so many reasons, not just his date.  Did anyone hear about all of the parties that he was throwing at the White House in his first few months on the taxpayer's dime?  I can't believe the nerve of this guy, and I certainly can't believe that more Americans are not maxed out on the outrage scale because of it.  I know that I am.  This has been the biggest joke of an administration I am aware of, and I would bet it is in history.  Obama and all of the elitists need to be run of of Washington bare foot with mad dogs nipping at their heels.

"Obama and all of the Elitists need to be run out of Washington bare foot with mad dogs nipping at their heels."

How about indicted for treason, racketeering, Criminal RICO, fraud, vote rigging, and the bastardizing of the U.S. Constitution -

for a stockade viewing - prior to a public hanging - as days of old - or in more modern times, tied to the bumpers of the cars of the Secret Service - and dragged to the Atlantic Ocean near shark-infested waters - and tell them to swim back to Kenya.

Whatever it Takes.

sounds good to me, just a few problems that I see.  If you're going to get rid of the problem, there are probably thousands of people involved, and the legal costs to the taxpayer would require another bailout-type figure to get the job done.  And, the people that could indict, try, and sentence the guilty are most likely guilty themselves.   (I know the humor doesn't come through, but I was trying)   What does come to mind is the Supreme Court order for Obama to come up with his birth certificate by early December 08.  That was delayed until Dec 21, he refused to do that, then the issue just went away.  Hmmm   Think he has Bilderberg-type help covering his butt?  I don't think there would be any way to get rid of these people short of a coup.   We're screwed either way.

Saw the humour.  Obama has gotten more extensions of time - than the rules o court procedures allow.  Being before judges appointed under the Clinton Administration helps his cause - although these judges should be hung by their balls for allowing Obama to make a mockery of our American justice system - and the U.S. Constitution - that every other American is expected to honor.

Call or contact the Governor's office in your state and demand to know the status of the sovereignty legislation in your state - that affirms state's rights - over and above control by the federal government.

Obama is a DIC-ta-TOR, bypassing the U.S. Constitution - and Congress, appointing thugs as CZARS to carry out his mission - to ignore our constitutional  rights and each state's rights to sovereignty. 

We are the United States.  Obama was us to be his FIFEDOM.

Call to your members of Congress, write to them - and demand that your members of Congress, stand up to what Obama is doing - as it is ALL unconstitutional.  Obama is operating as if the U.S. Constitution does not exist. 

Demand that your members of Congress settle the issue of Obama's refusal to produce any documents to prove he is "eligible" to serve as President of the USofA as a natural born U.S. citizen - to establish Obama's true heritage.  The fact that these matters are still outstanding indicates that Obama has something to hide.

Obama is a Traitor to American and should be tried for treason.

Whatever it Takes.

 I just don't believe that Obama could be nominated and elected with so little political experience, much less be able to do the things that he has done is such a short time if there were not some very powerful people backing him, and the previous administrations that have gotten us into this mess.   I personally feel that Obama and key government officials are pawns for the people who actually in control, but I'll save all of those opinions for the pages dedicated to the Bilderbergs and the like.

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