Discuss Anonymous's answer to: Obama and the Weathermen: an ongoing affair. We ...

Obama and the Weathermen: an ongoing affair. We are well acquainted with Obama's extremist racism and his longstanding ties to organized crime. One group he supports (aggressively) is "The Weather ...

Rocmike another long lonely day and night of posting under different aliases going to old questions and answers and repeating the same over and over. So far I have seen your aliases Southern, Mike Dudley, Bill, Renner and Anonymous. GET A LIFE

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Dr. Kelly Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Thank you, Tadpole, for proving again that yu are a bitter and degenerate old racist who sides with all things neo-Nazi, including Barrack Obama, Bill Ayres, and their Weathermen cult.


You people are all such great examples, aren't you all?

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Rocmike I am truly impressed. Only 4 hours of posting under Southern, Dr. Kelly and Anonymous. It was almost like you haven't posted today. I hope you found a hobby or something else to keep you busy. You will find that life isn't that bad and you may come away with a better outlook.

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