Why did obama place a computer generated forgery ...


After 4 years of hiding all his records, including his school records Obama decided to place a computer generated forgery of his BC on the Internet in hopes of fooling the people into thinking he is an American citizen. Many experts came forward and testified that was a forgery. It is very obvious Obama has had to revert to forgery and the spending of $ Millions on attorneys to keep from being exposed as the fraud, imposter, and criminal  he really is. America is being shamed by having the world see that we have allowed a common criminal to take over the White House, destroy our economy, and ruin the lives of millions of Americans.

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Why has Lyin'Lee spent the past 4 years babbling about birth certificates, arresting Congress, arresting the President at the White House, evicting the 1st Family from the White House, suing Hawaii, suing the voters for electing President Obama, suing the D.C. and Capital police departments for not arresting Obama, suing the mayor of D.C. and suing himself because he can't arrest the President?


He's crazy...it's that simple.

Holy shit, are you idiots still arguing about this absolute nonsense?  Get a life already!!

There is no argument. The facts are going uncontested. The evidence is there for all to see. Just google it.

...Yanno I've addressed this before and I guess I will again here. From what can be discerned Obama was born to an American citizen from Kansas. As such he could be born anywhere and be a citizen of the U.S. Now some are saying that while even if a citizen he is not a natural born citizen. That may have been true at one time or not but since the legislation that qualified McCain to be president now both are considered natural born citizens. Both McCain and Obama qualified under the new law by virtue of their parents being in service to their country at the time of the births outside the country. McCain's the Navy, Obama's the CIA. Obama and the Government agencies don't want his Mom outed so they are stuck. Do they tell why there are some irregularities as in the Wilsons exposure and get people killed and expose hidden assets or do they just inform those at the top of the pyramid who would normally pursue the claims and watch the base froth at the mouth?...I think it clear which path they chose.....

Obama's own grandmother on his father's side said she was present at his birth in Kenya.

If you go to the net, all those things that were there to prove O's changing stories, including his naming two hospitals he was born in, have been removed.  The only place to find them is in a book that had the good sense to copy all the articles and posted events before they disappeared.


Even his mother's records about her travels and passports were supposedly burned in a fire.  If he had nothing to hide he would not care about his records of any kind and if he was so smart he would relish his college records being out there.


He protests too much and has too many lawyers who continue to hide his past, his records and they have been trying to have his records concealed forever.


The man is indeed a fraud, a fake, a liar and a puppet and those pulling the strings are among the richest in the world. 

The lines are drawn in the sand, the American people are alive and awake, well most anyway. Kick it and call names, Let the Freedom Ring

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